A rendered house after wall coating

North London: Cracked render and paint problems solved with a wall coating!

In the latest post in our case studies section, we present a lovely house we recently had the pleasure of working on, in the London area.

We always like to take photos of our work as it is a good way to explain in pictures, exactly what we get up to each day!

This stone and render house had a real problem with the paint flaking and going green on the walls. In the space of only 5 days, we repaired, cleaned up and painted this lovely property, with a special flexible and weatherproof external wall coating.

The walls of this house will now stay looking crisp and fresh, for up to 20 years!

Here are some photos of the job, explaining in further detail, the problems that this house had, and what our teams did to remedy them.

First of all, there was quite a bit of loose paint on the walls, normal masonry paint, that was flaking, even though the house had only been painted a year ago by a local decorator, using it must be said, a well known brand of paint. It obviously didn’t do the trick based on what we had to remove!


1st step is paint removal
1st step is paint removal


We used a jet washer to get a lot of the paint off the walls, and once that was done, on this elevation anyway, we had to go around the whole house with the power washer and take off all the other flaking paint, not to mention the green mould that was accumulating on the surface.


Removing flaky paint from rear of house
Removing flaky paint from rear of house

The next stage was to protect the bits of the house that were not to be painted, including the windows and the stone work, and start to stabilise the surface, and we used a cement wash, known in the trade as bagging, and special polymers are also added to it.

Applying the bagging cement wash
Applying the bagging cement wash

This gives us a good surface to apply the primer coating.

One all this was finished, and the primer had been hand applied by the lads, we then carried on doing even more masking up with paper and tape, and then spray applied the final wall textured masonry coating on to the walls.

spraying wall coatings
spraying wall coatings

Most normal decorators can’t do that as to apply textured coatings it takes a certain level of skill and expertise, especially controlling the powerful Graco President spray machine.

Once the spraying was finished, we started to clean up the site, and remove the masking paper, although we had to be careful because as the paint is so thick, in fact 20 times the thickness of a paint film, it takes up to 3 weeks to fully harden, so don’t lean anything against the wall for a while!

side of house after wall coatings
side of house after wall coatings

An as you can see from the next photo, the textured wall coating has covered much of the previous scars and blemishes on the wall, leaving a lovely looking finish, and one that the home owners do not have to worry about for the next 20 years!


front of house after wall coating
The front of house after wall coating

If this impressed you (hopefully!) and you would like to find out more about exterior textured wall coatings then call us today for info and maybe arrange a quote if you want too.

Not too sure? Read some reviews of never paint again and see for yourself.

We always stand back and admire our work and we took this final shot to show you WHY we love our job!

Rendered house after wall coating
A job well done and of course the owner was delighted!

To find out more about how much this 20 year paint system would cost you, call us now on 0800 970 4928.

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