House painting guru!

Some video advice from a house painting blogger

The editor of this very website, house painting blogger Guy Alexander Bell, explains what his company does, and tells you in this video, all about his long life house painting system and how to choose a suitable wall coating for your home.

He also shows you various actual samples of the coating, and explains how to go about getting a FREE quote to have the paint system on your home.

Guy has been writing for us now for 10 years, ever since the inception of this website, and is available to answer all your DIY and home decorating questions, just send him an email, and he may even record a video response for you too!

We are the ONLY company in our industry who offers this service, and it’s completely FREE too!

Unlike many other exterior wall coatings companies, we’re not just here to take your money!

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How to choose the right wall coating

Hopefully you’ve now seen, and enjoyed this video.

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We will be doing more videos over the coming year as part of our 2013 campaign to educate, entertain and inform, all users of this site.

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