Bude house after andura coatings

A classic wall coating for the outside of a cottage in Bude, Cornwall

This quaint holiday cottage in Bude, Cornwall had suffered from the harsh rain-driven wind from the Atlantic coast and required a full exterior wall repair and external wall coating application by Never Paint Again.

As you can see from viewing the  gallery photos below, this charming cottage, in one of the most beautiful areas of the southwest of England, has seen better days and required considerable repair, renovation and refurbishment.

We decided to take a few photos whilst we were working down in Cornwall, to hopefully highlight the sheer amount of work that goes into every external wall coating job we take on, big or small! (Apologies for the poor photos, the camera was playing up on that day!)

Many people incorrectly believe that you can only paint a house in summer time but this featured home shows that although It was quite cold when we did it but that meant we were not rained off, and if you see the photo timestamp, this was done in February.


First off, this is us arriving and looking down the valley at the house.

A cottage in Bude Cornwall
A cottage in Bude Cornwall

The never paint again wall coating process.

The expert installation teams knew exactly what had to be done to this home as far as work required, because a prior meeting with our surveyor had identified several points around the house that needed attention, fixing up and repairing, such as the cracked exterior walls.

Unlike your typical local Cornish builder, we work to a detailed spec sheet, NOT notes on the back of a cigarette packet, it was all in writing, exactly what the client wanted, our team knew as it was all written down and signed beforehand by the client and the surveyor.

One of the first things the team did was to powerwash and scrape the old paint off, which was loose and flaky, and covered in mould.

The mouldy side walls before repair
The mouldy side walls before repair

The wall was in bad shape and the job had actually been turned down by several Cornish decorating firms who said it was too bad condition for them!

This sort of thing we do for breakfast as we are big strong Devon lads (!) so we got to work and the wall surface was then treated with a special fungicide to kill off mould spores and to ensure that any green algae growth will not re-appear at all.

Here is another shot of the mould, which was caused by lack of painting and the house had a lot of shade.

One of the reasons we get to do jobs like this is because the exterior wall coatings we use do NOT go green and mouldy, even in shaded areas!

Another awful bit of wall!
Another awful bit of wall!

As you can see from the image above, the paint work on the walls really had seen better days.

Looking at what we had to work with, from a different angle, here is another photo showing just how bad this place was!

The rear of the house before wall coating work
The rear of the house before wall coating work

A new wall coating paint job for a cottage in Cornwall was needed!

We then identified areas of the wall that has cracks and hollow render and these were expertly repaired by the team who worked on this house.

The front of the cottages before painting
The front of the cottages before painting

We then covered up the windows with paper, and laid dust sheets on the ground to collect any mess.

We are very clean workers.

We also carefully covered surrounding bushes and foliage everywhere as to not cause any mess, and started the application of the NPA primer coat, also called “Slushing” in the trade (for what reason, I’m not sure!)

Here’s one view of the completed job

The same elevation of the cottage but now with a white wall coating!
The same elevation of the cottage but now with a white wall coating!

Transformed by spray applied wall coatings

The final task was to spray apply a good, thick coating of the NPA classic wall coating system, to the whole of the outside of the house, ensuring all nooks and crannies were covered by the spray machine.

The rear and side in Bude Cornwall after painting was done
The rear and side after painting was done

This charming little house is now fully weatherproofed and will NOT require ANY further repair or repainting for up to 20 years, fully guaranteed!

The material used was Andura classic 21 textured masonry coating.

To enquire about having a wall coating system on your house, call the office for FREE on 0800 8970 4928 or ask us for a free quote for a wall coating

…PS we of course work all over the country, NOT just Cornwall.

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