Wall coating on a tyrolean wall

Replacing and wall coating a Tyrolean covered house in Worcester

The tyrolean coating on this house in Worcester had, over the years been severely affected by the weather.

We did this job years and years ago, so we scanned the photos and put them online!

The main problem with this house was that the tyrolean, which can get quite brittle, actually started falling off, in fact the final straw was when the weather caused large sections to crack and fall off.

This is because tyrolean wall coating, unless protected, is prone to cracking. If you see the BEFORE photo, you will notice a large chunk missing from the wall. 

Well guess what?

That entire solid bit of wall fell off and through the flat roof below it!

Here is what it looked like before.

Tyrolean after falling off the wall
Tyrolean after falling off the wall

See the missing bit?

This is eventually what happens to tyrolean if you dont have a protective coating put onto it. It falls off!

I would not have wanted to be the person in the porch at the time!

Our invisible repair system mean that after our coating is applied to the walls, you will not see evidence of previous problems, Guaranteed!

This is what it looked like after we had repaired the tyrolean

A tyrolean house, repaired and painted with exterior wall coatings
A tyrolean house, repaired and painted with exterior wall coatings

I will try and get some bigger photos.

Houses that are coated with a tyrolean external wall finish (Painted sprayed blobs of cement stuck to the wall) often complain that their exterior wall covering keeps cracking.

Well that is correct as tyrolean doesn’t last long if its left un-coated and can be quite brittle.

Tyrolean is applied by hand, using this tool

A tyrolean gun

House with a wall coating won’t have these problems

Tyrolean is not made to incorporate any flexibility and therefore cracks very easily, in fact when the first crack appears, it quickly lets water in, which expands when it gets cold, and pushes the rest of the tyrolean wall covering away from the bricks it is supposed to be adhered to.

With a Never Paint Again exterior Wall Coating over the top of tyrolean, the surface is fully protected from any water ingress and therefore will not crack!

In addition, if you ever seen someone repair a patch of tyrolean, it most certainly turns into exactly that “a patch” and cannot be hidden unless painted over.

Even then, the texture between the old and new tyrolean, even if only subtle, will stick out like a sore thumb on your house!

It can be an absolute nightmare to paint a tyrolean house and is often best to be sprayed instead.

NPA exterior wall coatings are FLEXIBLE and therefore they do not chip, crack, peel or flake, and a House with a wall coating will not suffer from damp!

Why not call for more info on repairing and painting your tyrolean coated home?

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