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A day in the life of a wall coating installation team

Following on from last weeks surprisingly popular post about home improvement surveyors, this week we look at a day in the life of a textured coatings spray crew, the teams that actually apply our never paint again coatings to your house.

The editor of this very website, and the author of the piece you are reading now, started life helping his dad, in 1984, who was an installer of wall coatings for the now defunct “London Coating company” (A pic of my old van is here), so when I tell you this story, it’s based on my own real experience, straight from the horses mouth, so to speak!

Anyway, here is what a Never Paint Again Wall coatings team do, on a typical day.

Installing Exterior Wall Coatings and the people behind it.

The day will normally start quite early for the team, a team that usually consists of the crew foreman, very experienced and the man in charge of each installation, and 1 or 2 semi skilled operatives, who help and assist to get the job done.

A textured coatings spray crew

As the teams often travel far and wide to work on houses, overnight stays are quite common, but when this happens, the team can usually stay nearby and get to the job quickly. (It also means they get treated to a lovely fried breakfast at the hotel every morning!)

They then set off for the job.

Arriving at your house for the first time.

The very first day they arrive, the textured coatings spray crew team leader will greet the customer and have a chat with them just to make sure all is crystal clear as to what work we have to do, and of course the original specification agreed with the customer by the surveyor, is gone through once more, just to make sure everyone is happy with the scale of work, colours etc, before the work starts.

The crew foreman, sometimes called the supervisor or team leader, is your first point of contact on site and will answer any questions, and will do his utmost to please you, we are after all, here to help you.

We then locate a convenient place to store the materials we need, often as out of the way as possible although please remember to keep pets and children away from our products whilst they are on site.

For illustration purposes, we chose a job at random to talk about, and this is one from last year, in York.

Now it’s time to start repairing your walls…..

Repairing, fixing and cleaning the wall

We take the most time on a job in the repair and preparation of the walls, in order to receive the wall coating treatment.

Wall coatings are not like paint because they offer both decoration AND weather protection, and the complex processes we use to apply the exterior wall coatings mean that this is not something you, or a local builder can do, it has to be done by us.

Because of this, we can control the quality of the application, and are confident then, once the job is finished, to offer a written 20 year wall coating warranty.

The repairs the textured coatings spray crew commonly carry out are such things as repairing cracks, rendering, fixing loose or hollow pebbledash, removing flaky paint (see above image), and curing damp. We also fix rising damp on walls too, with a DPC machine.

On brick houses such as this, we often have to carry out brick replacement or replacing mortar joints between the bricks.

Now the walls are repaired………

Once the repair process is completed, the wall coating team start to mask up the windows, doors, gutters and drainpipes to avoid paint splashes.  The team then lay dust sheets around the house, and plants and bushes are carefully covered over.

The masking-up of the windows and other areas is like wrapping your house up as a gift, so we like to think that when the job is done and the masking comes down, the positive reaction from most customers is a gift in itself!

Repairing the walls, masking up, and applying a bonding primer
Repairing the walls, masking up, and applying a bonding primer

As you can see, the wall coatings team in the photo above, have now finished the masking and have applied a bonding cement slurry to fill gaps and provide a good surface to paint on.

To the far left, the NEVER PAINT AGAIN primer coat has already commenced.

Spray applied textured wall coatings?

Once the entire house has been repaired and coated with our weatherproof primer, now is the time to start setting up the spray pump, and getting the team ready for the most dramatic part of the work, the spraying of our exterior wall coatings.

We use a generator or compressor which is linked, via strong hoses, to a Graco President wall coatings spray gun.

The team leader than sets the pump up, flushes through the previous colour used (the pipes leading to the gun are heavy and can contain many litres of paint in one go.).

After the pipe and gun are cleaned and ready, the team leader and his assistant will start the spraying process, working methodically from one end of the house to the other.

Finishing the wall coatings spraying.

After the whole house is prayed it is time to carefully remove the masking paper and tidy it all away, we don’t leave any mess at your house once the job is done.

We then touch-in by hand, all the fiddly and hard to reach areas, make sure all lines where the coating meets windows are true and straight, we check for any paint that should not be in a certain place etc, and then we start to do any extra work such as painting trim or mouldings in a different colour.

Here is a view of the finished job we have been talking about today.

Repaired, damp proofed & painted with never paint again textured coatings
Repaired, damp proofed & painted with never paint again textured coatings

This house will now remain in this state, with no need to paint or repair, for up to 20 years! If you want to see the page where more information is about this particular house painting job in York.

The completed house painting job with textured wall coatings.

Once the team finish, and bear in mind, the job above was done over a few days, we tidy the whole place up, being sure to leave no mess at all, and then the final inspection time comes, where the textured coating crew leader will accompany you around the house to show you the finished job.

It is at that time that once you are happy, there is some paperwork to complete, and then the cheque for the final balance is handed to the contractor to take back to the office.

All warranty documentation is sent up to 28 days afterwards, and should be kept in a safe place with all deeds etc to your house as the guarantee stays with the house should you move within the next 15 years.

And that’s it, job done!

If this long life weatherproof painting system is of interest to you, then please be sure to get in touch with us today, we are open 7 days a week, all quotes are FREE, and with no obligation.

Call us on (0800) 970 4928 or send us an email here.

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