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6 of the best wall coating companies around the world (in our opinion)

Hi. We’re pretty well known for some damn fine house painting and coating work around the UK, and more recently, in Spain too.

We thought it would be a good idea to show you, dear reader, that there are very similar companies to us around the world.

In this article we visit the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Greece and South Africa

Please remember that if you are viewing this page from outside the UK and you want to contact one of these companies, you will have to do that direct.

We are not personally recommending or endorsing any of them, we just liked what we read online, however we always recommend that you fully check a contractors credentials and references before agreeing to any work.

(We’re not sure on Google’s policy with external links nowadays, so to visit each site, cut and paste the URL of each one.)

If you are a consumer then pay attention to some of the online exterior wall coatings reviews and make sure they are genuine.

Here are just six examples of exterior wall coating companies in different parts of the world.

Bear in mind we are not linked, associated or affiliated with any of these guys, this is just a “round-up” article highlighting different contractors outside the UK, as we often get visitors to our site from outside our own country, so hopefully someone will find this helpful.

Of course houses vary in construction and design in each respective country so some of these wall covering systems are very similar to our own, and some are really only useful to homes in that particular country.

OK, here we go, in no particular order………

1. Spray-Net (Canada)

We found these chaps on and was surprised to see how similar their work is to our own.

This includes the use of Graco spray machines and a similar attention to quality and details with repairs to stucco, known as “render” here in the UK.

They also do siding, which is called cladding here in England.

(Wass thad all aboot fella, eh?)

spray net canada

I would think that their coating systems are specifically designed to combat the very harsh winters they have in Canada. Great bunch of fellas too, follow them on twitter.

You can find them at

2. Tex-Cote (USA)

Tex Cote has been around for many years as a major manufacturer of paints and coatings in North America.

Don’t confuse them with a company here in the UK with the same name, they are unrelated, which is putting it mildly, and politely. (!)

Tex-Cote is an abbreviation of “Textured coatings of America” and they are based in Panama City, Florida. I recall my late father “Clive” went on a fact finding mission there in the 1980’s.

tex cote

They have been at the forefront of supplying and installing exterior coatings for stucco and siding for a long time now and their website is worth a visit, even just to watch their handy video guides.

They have heavily marketed a system called “cool wall” which purports to lower air conditioning costs by reflecting the hot southern American sun away from the walls.

Our own exterior masonry coatings have a similar property, and of course the coating brings other benefits such as having a long life exterior paint system.

You can find them at or you can call them toll free on 800-454-0340 (USA)

3. Sandstein concept gmbh & CO.KG (Germany)

Germany has very different masonry coating and painting needs than the UK although the 2 countries share a similar climate.

In most of Germany, generally homes are rented, not owned like they are in the UK, so this companies marketing concept differs greatly from our own. This company appears to sell a coating with a sandstone effect (my German is very poor by the way!)

sandstein germany

Their sandstone effect coatings come in a massive range of colours and finishes, although it seems mainly for internal use, the coatings themselves are flexible and therefore, we presume, crack resistant too and look amazing.

You can find the company at (In German)

4. Decopierre (France)

This is a very interesting system and was one that we looked at ourselves but never went ahead as we are so busy with our standard coating product range!

This amazing system goes on to the house like a coat of render (stucco) and then a pattern is hand etched into the still wet coating.

So this example below is NOT built of natural stone, it is (probably) smooth rendered, and has a coat of decopierre® on the top.

Their website isn’t much to look at so instead of a screenshot, here’s an example of their work.

Decopierre on a council building in France
The Decopierre wall covering system on a local council building in France

When it dries it provides a wonderful natural stone effect finish and can be used internally and externally.

It is available in the UK, but we looked at the French website which is

5. KTISIS (Greece)

KTISIS is more of a manufacturer than an applicator, although they may be able to put you in contact with masonry coating application teams, however, KTISIS are based in Peania, Greece (30 km from the Greek Capital, Athens), and was started in 1996 by a team of experienced engineers, it says on their website.

KTISIS greece

They make a range of high performance wall and floor coatings, and also waterproofing systems, in their own factory in Greece.

Their blog is a good read, well presented and written by someone serious about what they do, and they have also produced some very handy videos.

The site can be read in Greek or English. Visit them at

6. Marmoran (South Africa)

If you own a home in South Africa then MARMORAN (Pty) Ltd are certainly the people you need to speak to about having a long term weatherproof wall coating on your home.

wall coatings south africa

Since 1969 they have been formulating a range of coating solutions and I am lead to believe their products have not only won several awards, their systems are available in most of the main African countries.

Their website is at

So there we have it, a quick digest of companies who do a similar thing to what NPA does here in the UK and Spain, and hopefully this will put into context where NPA stands in the marketplace today.

Please note this blog is written from the editor’s own personal opinion.

If you have visited our site from outside Great Britain, may I take this opportunity to thank you for your interest and I hope that you found today’s blog post a bit useful.


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