Painting a villa on the costa blanca

5 reasons to paint your house in Spain, and how to get it done right, 1st time

Hola! If you own a Spanish home, or you are an expat living in Spain, here’s 5 reasons to get the exterior painted professionally.

Pay cheap? Pay twice

We used to work in Spain ourselves, so we know the huge difference between painting or repairing a Spanish house compared to a British or Irish one, so we thought we would share a bit of “Conocimiento” (knowledge) with you.

Our organisation started way back in 1986 and the same two families still run the business.

We continue to go from strength to strength by doing it RIGHT, by looking after our clients, and by working in a professional and timely manner wherever we are in Europe.

As we offer our service in Spain,  if you own a home there, whether you live out there full time or just go there for holidays, you can now take advantage of the huge benefits of having a real wall coating on your home.

Scraping off old paint in spain and painting under the naya
We can paint your house all year round so NOW is really the time to contact us!

Houses in Spain need expert care to keep them in top condition. Houses in Spain are generally constructed in a different manner to the ones we are used to in Northern Europe.

For example, in my house in the UK, the walls hold the roof up.

My old house in Valencia was different and the outside walls are known as “Fachadas”, literally a façade, as houses there are built usually around a reinforced concrete frame, and the walls are literally put in to fill the gaps and to create a façade or “frontage”, hence the name.

We have many years experience of working with this type of dwelling, so let a professional take a look at your residence in Spain and have a friendly and relaxed chat as to what they can do for you, and at a price that will hopefully suit you down to the ground.

So what are the 5 reasons to paint your home in Spain?

UPDATED: Please note we do not offer service in Spain any longer, however they may be adverts on this page from companies who can help you

  1. Total peace of mind! All work and materials are guaranteed in writing for 20 years, meaning once we finish the work, no-one at all need to even TOUCH the exterior of your house for a generation.
  2. Stops Damp! Yes, that’s right, if you have a home that is letting in water, having mould grow on the walls, damp patches inside, you need to stop the waste of time in applying cheap Spanish paint and have us quote you for a weatherproof wall coating, available in any colour you like! In addition, our coatings can help keep your home cooler by effectively refracting the hot sunlight and thus lowering your summer aircon bills. (Iberdrola being the loser in the whole deal!)
  3. Que?! We understand our customers, in more ways than one! We pride our selves of being internationally focused and as such we speak many languages, including English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Catalan and German, so wherever you are originally from, you can be assured that we can effectively deal with your enquiry and carry out works to your home to your exact specification, with no ambiguity or confusion related to language difficulties.
  4. Never Paint Again! and we mean it too! Where most Spanish paints are quickly broken down by the roasting hot sunshine, our coatings are designed to withstand all extremes of temperature and therefore if you have one of our external wall protection coatings applied to your home, it will not crack, it won’t fade, chip or peel, and will look just as good as the day we did the work, for over 20 years, no gimmicks. As we have 30 years proof of performance, we are confident that it lasts as long as it says on the tin.
  5. VALUE! We bring added value to each job we do. Not only will your home have a warranty on the exterior (A good selling point if you plan to move house), your home will be free of any defects or repainting for up to 20 years, which as you can imagine, saves a heck of a lot of euros over the years! It also brings kerb appeal to your home, making it stand out from the rest of the homes on the urbanisation by being spotlessly clean, something that many Spaniards can relate to. Whatever the work will cost you, will be returned in a greater selling value of your home.
exterior wall coatings Spain
This villa was painted by our affiliates many years ago and it still looks great today! This house was also featured in the Costa Blanca News.

Questions prospective clients in Spain ask their decorator

Should you paint the WHOLE exterior?

Yes, including “rejas” the iron grilles over windows, plus also paint window sills and any other trim your home has, to end up with a complete exterior makeover, something unrivalled in Spain for quality and value for money. You need never worry about home decorating again.

Do you cover my area?

We cover most areas of Spain, to include town houses, suburban homes, houses in the campo and houses on an urbanisation.

If you want to know if we offer service in the area where your house or villa is located, all you have to do is contact us and ask.

Do you have references I can check or previous customers to speak with?

Of course we do and we can arrange not only for you to view our previous work and talk to one of our old customers, we often do OPEN HOUSE DAYS where we give you a LARGE DISCOUNT to allow people to view the work whilst it is in progress, but please ask us about this when you contact us.

How long does the job take?

If you are used to lazy local builders we have a pleasant surprise for you as we always stipulate that the team work on only ONE property at a time and they stay until the job if finished.

No disappearing for weeks on end with no explanation, no leaving mess everywhere and no invasion of privacy. Our teams are bilingual, well trained and courteous.

Can I speak with someone on the phone before I agree to have a representative around my house?

Yes of course you can, and due to the long distances we have to travel, we encourage a chat beforehand anyway, so make sure to include your phone number, and the language you prefer us to contact you with, before you email us.

How much does your house protection coating cost?

We need to speak with you first to ascertain the size and condition of your home.

We can often give a verbal estimate, but if we can visit the property and see for ourselves, we can give you a fixed costing, in writing, so if you have the work done, there won’t be any nasty surprises.

Does it really last as long as you say?

Yes it does, wall coatings lasts up to 20 years, guaranteed and we have THIRTY YEARS proof of performance in doing this type of home improvement and reform work.

For a quote to have your house in Spain painted, email us today.

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