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5 of the best, expensive, high-end home improvements!

Feeling generous? Deep pockets? Money to burn? Have you won the lottery?

If you are flash with cash and are looking to add some pizzazz to your property, let’s be honest, the sky is the limit, but we took 5 random, but expensive, home improvements that you can buy if you have the dough.

From a crystal encrusted bath tub to Versace toilet brush holder, take a look and see what you could buy if and when you win the lottery! We can dream, can’t we?

How to spend money on your home like there’s no tomorrow.

The first home improvement we look at are basement extensions.

We don’t just mean a small addition, we are talking HUGE extensions, downwards, as opposed to upwards our outwards, often where land is at a super premium.

ONE: “Iceberg” basement extensions.

iceberg home with large basement in london

For wealthy home owners living in central London, one option in creating substantially more room in the home is to have an extension, but one that goes DOWN into the ground, often a larger area than exists above ground.

These are known as ICEBERG extensions, for fairly obvious reasons, and can range from as little (?) as a quarter of a million pounds, up to tens of millions. We looked at the phenomenon earlier this year HERE.

This is by far the most expensive home improvement money can buy.

There are various contractors available to do this and a search on Google for “basement extension contractors” will give you some websites to contact for more advice.

TWO: A crystal encrusted bath tub that costs about £150,000 !

very expensive bath
Image (C)

The Catchpole & Rye Crystal Bateau bath, to give it it’s proper name, is by far the most bonkers bath tub we have ever seen!

This is for people who are SERIOUSLY rich and think nothing of spending around £150,000 on their bath.

Wow, those people must seriously love bath-time.

This amazing item has, according to their website, around 22,000 individually hand-applied crystals, made here in England and the makers describe it as the “world’s most lavish bathing experience”… and we can certainly agree with that!

The likes of you or I would probably never be wealthy enough to afford one, but if by a stroke of luck, you are a multi millionaire (Do multi millionaires read my blog posts? No idea!), but if you DO have the dough, learn more by going to their website at or call them on 0207 351 0940.

THREE: A tranquillity pod.

….er.., Sorry……um.. a what?!

I’ll say again. A tranquillity pod. Nope, me neither.

Image (C)

Yes. A tranquillity pod is what you see above. OK, it reminds ME of Mork and Mindy too, but Nanu-Nanu, and possibly even “Shazbat” aside, this is an amazing item for your home so let me explain.

According to the retailer, this uses “……….pleasant sound, gentle vibration, and soothing light to transport the body, mind, and spirit to a tranquil state of relaxation. ……”

It blocks out almost all external noise (Great if you live in a big city, for example), and can be connected to an ipad/iphone etc to provide gentle, soothing music or ambient background noise.

Relax on the memory foam mattress inside and watch as 50 LED lights around the pod synchronise with your natural heartbeat! Cool or what!

These are available by going to the website.

We couldn’t find a supplier online in the UK, and I have no idea if they export them, but for a mere $30,000 dollars (WHAT!!?) which is about £20,700 UK pounds or 26,600 Euros, you too could drift away on your own pod of tranquillity.

…..or play “Mork and Mindy” when the wife goes out to work……

FOUR: A Versace “Superbe” Toilet Brush Holder at only £666 pounds!

If you are wealthy enough to afford the crystal bath we spoke of earlier, then what better way to enhance your opulent bathroom then with a gold, Versace toilet brush holder.

Gold toilet brush holder

We couldn’t really find much information about this, in fact on the website it is listed as “gold in colour” so I have no idea if it’s actually gold plated or not, but, let’s be honest here, we all know what it’s used for, and if you have nearly 700 quid and you go and spend it on THIS, it is you who must be daft as a brush.

FIVE: High end artworks. Is it “art”?

Art has been performing very well over the past few years and represents an excellent investment if you know what you are looking for. The sheer scale of available, high-end art work in various media, means that finding what you want need not be that difficult if you have the readies to splash out on art.

damien hirst spin art work
(C) Damien Hirst

The word “Art” means many thing to many people and speaking personally, I do like a nice bit of art, but what I consider eye-candy, could be very different than your opinion of “art”.

My advice is to invest in something you enjoy, but not something so left-field and crazy that you would find it very difficult to sell it on in the future….. (e.g. an unmade bed. No Ms. Emin, that is NOT art but well done for fooling everyone!)

A good piece of art, from a well-respected artist, can transform the look and feel of any room.

Remember, one of the things that splashing out on this item is that it differs greatly from the other high end improvements we have talked about today.

If chosen wisely, although you could be parting with a ton of cash, if you keep a good work of art long enough, your INVESTMENT can bring hefty returns in the future.

As opposed to spending nearly 700 quid on a loo brush and then absent minded selling it at a car boot sale for ten quid a year later.

So is it all worth it I ask myself?

How the other half live eh? If you have A LOT of money to burn, check out some of the items we’ve reviewed today, and then invite me around your house to take a look for myself!

I hope that you have enjoyed today’s walk through financial La-La land and if you are super rich and have some spare money, I would be only to happy to take it off your hands!

(C) 2016 Guy Alexander Bell Bsc.(hons)

DISCLAIMER: We have NOT received any payment or inducement to feature any of these products. This page is a review, in our own words, of 5 random products. Thank you

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