front and side elevation with paint

These homes benefit from our textured masonry coatings

We enjoy showing off our hard work and our 2 latest rendering repair and wall coating jobs are no exception. We get to travel the length and breadth of our wonderful country and here’s from the opposite ends of England.

The first is in Plymstock PL9, South Devon, and the other in Hollingbourne ME17, Kent, and we bunched them up together in this article as we already have around 85 examples of our previous work on the site already.

We show you, using photos and explainers, what work we did to these two homes, including knocking off old render and applying new rendering to the walls, preparation and also of course, the finished article.

OK, the first house (above) is located on a busy junction in the Plymstock PL9 area of Plymouth in South Devon.

The property is a “landmark” house and is situated on a busy junction of 3 main roads, so we had a lot of attention and positive comments from passers by whilst working on this house.

The owner had recently bought the house and was keen to obtain along life paint finish, one that was resistant to pollution, city grime and the “great” British weather, and therefore as it is a big property, he did not want to paint it every year, and to be honest, neither would I!

Here is what we did to this home in Plymstock, Devon.

We don’t have the photos from day one (as I cannot be in 2 places at once!) so we will briefly explain that the house had to have some old paint removed, a small amount of patch render repair and the filling in of some cracks.

doing render repairs plymouth

Once we fill and repair the cracks, you won’t be able to see them once our textured coating is applied.

As this is an older house, a very fine coating was applied, which resists the weather, keeps its colour (which was specially made by the way) and won’t need painting for up to 20 years.

A close up of bay window Furzehatt road, Plymstock

close up of bay window plymstock

After the wall coating process was finished, the downpipes had to be painted, but to finish off as I am sure you can gather what it is that we do for a living (!) here are some “after” images showing the newest and most freshly painted home in Plymstock, PL9, Plymouth

A newly painted Victorian home in Plymstock

painting house with palm tree in the way


And the final one, which was taken the day BEFORE we finished is this lovely shot….


front and side elevation with paint

…and that is but ONE job we finished last week and of course as we are a national company, we have other teams working elsewhere and here below are some images from our Kent wall coating team.


Rendering and painting a home in Hollingbourne, Me17, Kent

This old house in Hollingbourne was in a sorry state and needed a lot more repair compared to the house above, and that can clearly be seen in the first “Before” image we have here.


kent house before painting
This home in Kent needed a fair bit of work before we could even start to paint

As you can see the house was not in very good condition so the first thing we had to do was to check the walls for hollow render (Where the render coating has come away from the bricks of the house but is still on the wall).

removing bad render
Once we started work we found a lot of hollow render

All this render had to be replaced and then matched in to the existing surface so that when we applied our wall coating, you could not see where the repairs once were, like THIS shot below….

kent house during render repair work


Once the rendering was sorted, we had to mask up the windows and apply a primer coat, although on the rear, we found unpainted bricks as the exterior surface so we had to use 2 primers on that bit, like below.


painting brickwork

And once all that was finished, we fired up the compressor and we spray-applied a very thick, durable and 100% weather resistant exterior wall coating, and this is the finished effect!

front of kent house after painting



A once scruffy home has been transformed with a bit of elbow grease, OK a LOT of that, plus the latest exterior wall coating on the market, specially made for us, and with Pliolite resins, meaning it will never crack!

So are you impressed yet?! Do you want your house painted?

Well, as you can see, our teams are hard workers and we really know our stuff, in fact we have been doing this sort of work to homes up and down the UK since 1986, so we KNOW what we are doing.

Contact and find out more about our amazing textured masonry coatings which will save money and hassle for you, for the next 20 years.

If you would like a quote or estimate to have a long life wall coating on your home, give us a call today on 0800 970 4928 or click to contact us.

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