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10 Reasons why maintaining your home costs a fortune

Your house has a grudge against you.

It constantly helps itself to the contents of your wallet, and is always “on the scrounge” for money for the bills, repairs, the mortgage and anything else it likes really.

Your house is supposed to be a place of welcome and warmth but if the boiler breaks down, for example, that is not much fun is it?

Your home, if not properly maintained, will suck your funds away like it’s drinking a milkshake made with money, and it seems to never stop does it?

People in general are feeling the pinch. That’s a fact. The recession, when it arrived in 2008, knocked the stuffing out of people, reduced the once buoyant housing market to a whimper, and it never ended up holding its value did it?

So many people relied on houses for investments, nest eggs, a place to be safe and secure, somewhere to pass on to the kids, but if the repossessions figures, and the house value index are perused, it makes scary reading.

Why did so many people think property would always rise in value?

The good news (yes there is some) is that bank repossessions have slowed in recent years, and maybe there is a new mindset with people that they just do not want to take the risk of buying somewhere, and prefer to rent, although that means, with the tenancy contracts in force in the UK, a loss of security and the chance of being asked to leave after only 6 months of tenure.

Recently on the BBC news website, Mark Harris, of mortgage broker SPF Private Clients, said: “While interest rates are expected to remain at 0.5% for the foreseeable future, some borrowers are still struggling to afford their mortgage, as living costs continue to rise and many lose their jobs.”: Source:

So has your house got it in for you?

We look at the inside and the outside of the house, and give 5 reasons in both sections, as to why, in our opinion, your home really hates you.

How DARE you miss a mortgage payment!
How DARE you miss a mortgage payment!


The internal struggle

What five things inside the home that show you that your house has it in for you?

  • Damp and mould on the walls. This is the ultimate slap in the face for anyone trying to keep a clean and tidy home. What do you do? Just sit there with that awful “wet dog” smell wafting up your nose? Cure it! Your health will be better, and the house will feel nicer to live in.
  • Cold interior walls, even though the heating is turned on. You may also conversely find that in the hot summer time (yes the 2 weeks of sun the UK gets), your house will not be able to repel the heat coming INTO the house, and therefore your house will be hotter than Satans’ underpants!
  • Drips and leaks. A common occurrence, despite the fact you paid a fortune to the plumber last year and now can’t get hold of him on his yacht in the Bahamas.
  • Things that go bump in the night. No, don’t laugh. How many times have you “felt” something in a house, and couldn’t put your finger on why or what? Maybe you are not so alone? We have lived in houses where all manner of weird and unexplainable things happened. Have any of you ever had that happen?
  • Watch your head! Are you tall? Your house WANTS TO HURT YOU. As a 6ft 3″ son of a 6ft 7″ bloke, head-hitting and mild concussion was a common event in our house. We decided against wearing crash helmets at home and moved instead.
This is not the door you are looking for
This is not the door you are looking for

 The problematic exterior

Five more things to watch out for and five more reasons why your home is plotting against you.

  • The roof. This is so important, so why do the tiles become loose and cause leaks, and why does the heat escape into the open air? You forgot to properly maintain it, and your home is getting it’s own back at you. Get that loft or crawl space insulated.
  • Come into the garden. ….And then slip on the path because its moss covered and you never power washed it. Then you see next doors cat has “enjoyed” spending time in your flower beds. 🙁
  • Damp! Oh dear. If you don’t have something weatherproof on the outside of the house, such as an exterior wall coating, then your home can suffer from damp. Oh how bad can it get?
  • The furniture is falling apart! No, that’s your fault for buying cheap, crappy furniture from MFi or the Argos book. Did you know that many items of cheap furniture made with MDF and chipboard actually contain a very harmful chemical called formaldehyde?
  • I’m always ill! Do you have frequent colds? You may blame the house, but your colds and sniffles could be due to the fact that as you have not maintained the house, there could be damp spores inside, releasing themselves into the air? Not smoking inside the property can also better your health, and the health of your family. Or do you blame the house for that also?

So what do you think? Does your house hate you?

If so, I would suggest you stop and think for a minute because all this could be your own doing and your own fault for not maintaining the house correctly in the first place!

Why blame your house on your own mistakes? Maybe your home wants to love you, so why not start loving it back and spend some time and money on keeping it in good condition!

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