Front of exmouth house masked up and having a wall coating applied

10 reasons to choose us to paint your house

Now it is coming to the time when painting the exterior of the house is at the forefront of the mind, but which company do you choose?

Why should you choose them?

Of course we are going to sit here and blow our own trumpet (!), but at the end of the day, we have been painting houses up and down the land (and abroad too) so whoever you choose to refurbish the exterior of your home this year, it is worth choosing the RIGHT company!

We list 10 reasons to consider a weatherproof exterior wall painting finish from the team at Never Paint Again!

It only seems like last year when you had the house painted and yes that time has come around again! A little quicker than last year maybe?

Most decorators will just apply paint and very little else, after all that is their job description isn’t it?

“Apply paint to wall. Go home for tea”.

The problem with this approach is that many houses up and down the UK need much more than paint, and your decorator may unwittingly be hiding a multitude of sins under that paint.

Nevertheless it has to be done.

Choosing a long life exterior wall coating from Never Paint Again can bring many benefits, so here at 10 reason why it’s a good idea.

10 reasons to choose us, not someone else!


  1. NPA Exterior wall coatings do NOT fade, chip, crack or peel unlike masonry paint.
  2. Our coatings come with a 15 year, warranty backed guarantee.
  3. We supply and install top of the range of masonry coatings; Best quality!
  4. A quote is FREE and is without obligation. No hard sell!
  5. Experienced, friendly and helpful workers always on hand for advice.
  6. Full project management before and during works.
  7. YOUR HOME transformed in just a few days! (See examples of our own painting work…)
  8. Our Wall Coating system cures damp in your house.
  9. Premium service at affordable prices!
  10. You will Never Need to paint again!

The team at Never Paint Again are committed to your 100% satisfaction and our customer reviews are testimony to that fact!

A happy ending

We offer a service across all parts of the UK, from Penzance to Paisley, and Cardiff to Kent!

All of our teams are time-served professional tradesmen and can carry out a range of additional jobs whilst working on our home such as fitting new windows, repairing rendering and replacing your old rotten fascia boards, for example.

We aim to provide you with a complete exterior wall refurbishment at a great price and yes, we also do other aspects of exterior home repair so when we finally leave, you can relax in the knowledge that you will not have to do any more work at all, nor pay anyone else, for up to 20 years

… there we are, 10 reason why you can’t lose by giving us a call today on 0800 970 4928

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