Spray applied exterior wall coatings

Over time, all types of exterior walls suffer from deterioration, flaking paint, damp and cracks, however the NPA exterior wall coating system can cure all known wall problems and leave your home with a beautiful maintenance free finish! A value for money alternative to yearly masonry painting, lasts up to 20 years, with all repairs carried out FOR FREE, and many colours and textures available to enhance and weatherproof your property.

a house before wall coatings

A house without a wall coating

A pebbledashed house AFTER an Exterior Wall coating. These products are ideal for covering poor surfaces

A house with Exterior wall coatings!

* Does NOT fade, chip, crack or peel.

* Resists dirt, mould and algae

* Saves money & lowers heating bills.

* Insurance backed 15 year warranty.

* Completely maintenance free.

* Cures penetrating damp.

These textured and smooth exterior wall coatings are an alternative to painting your house each year.  Installed by our own teams, using the best quality materials.

A quote for this system is FREE and comes with a written survey report for you to keep. All orders are protected by deposit payment insurance and warranty insurance.

What are Exterior Wall Coatings? Are they paint?

Yes and no. There are many different sorts of exterior wall coatings available online so who do you choose? A reputable company, with a proven track record, fully insured and with experience dating back to 1986. If your house needs painting this year, these weatherproof textured external wall coatings are like ultra durable long life paints which, when applied to your house by our friendly teams, and they last for up to 20 years!  Can you afford NOT to have this on your home?

Wall Coatings examples

Why not view our gallery pages by clicking here! Over 80 exterior wall coatings examples.


The benefits of Never Paint Again External Wall Coatings on your property.

  • NO MORE PAINTING! A typical paint application is proven to last 20 years.before and after photo of house painting
  • NEVER FADES! Bring style to your house with beautiful shades available in several “never fade” colours. from the Andura colour range of paints and coatings
  • SAVES YOU MONEY!  Cures erosion, cracks, flaky paint, damp & mould.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY! Architect approved! Meets and exceeds all relevant BS building regulations and is specified by top architects.
  • INCLUDES A FULL WALL REPAIR PROGRAMME! Before we do the painting, we repair all the cracks, remove old paint & fix blown render so your house won’t need any work for 20 years so it’s ideal for covering poor surfaces too.
  • Our “all in one” package can help resolve problems with flood and water damaged houses.
  • Smooth and clear versions also available, both actively REPEL water.
  • Insurance backed warranty giving twenty years peace of mind


before and after Wall Coatings

Before and after Wall Coatings

How do we apply our wall coatings to your house?

  1. We check the walls for any hollow areas of render, tyrolean or pebbledash, remove the offending areas, and replace to an exact match. We cut out and fill cracks and fix any defects to the exterior such as damp or mould.
  2. We then mask up the doors and windows, cover over plants and lawns, and lay dust sheets on paths to avoid mess.
  3. We apply a bonded resin cement slurry, which is a wall stabiliser for brick and pebbledash.
  4. We apply a waterproof primer to the walls, by hand, giving the wall a breathable but watertight skin.
  5. We then spray-apply NEVER PAINT AGAIN wall coating paint to the walls using the latest spray equipment.
  6. We then de-mask and clean up, and then the paint finish on your home is good for at least 15 years, often much longer!


A durable, flexible, weatherproof exterior house painting system for your home.

Textured Spray applied Masonry Coatings: What do they do?

Resistance to Dirt Retention, stays clean!

These coatings based on Andura Never Paint Again resins are hard wearing, resisting dirt pick-up and hence are well suited to urban and industrial areas. They are effectively “self cleaning”, any dirt retained is washed away by rain, or they can be hosed down with any garden hose.

Resistance to blistering and peeling, stops cracks!

The wall coating penetrates actually into the masonry surface of your house and ensures long lasting adhesion to the walls. The “microporous” breathable nature of Never Paint Again paints means that they protect the masonry surface from wind driven rain, yet allow entrapped moisture vapour to escape as the wall coatings act in a fashion similar to the human skin.

Unique ageing characteristics, won’t fade!

NPA Never Paint Again external wall coatings have been especially developed to resist the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays & strong direct sunlight which can fade and crack normal masonry paint.

All weather application, lasts for years!

Flexible exterior weatherproof wall coatings paint

SUPER FLEXIBLE! This wall coating on your house will not crack!

The film of masonry paints based on Andura resins are not affected by climatic conditions.

Application of these paints is possible either at low ambient temperature or at high wall temperatures.

Night time freezing temperatures after application will not affect the paint performance unlike normal paint.

The coatings resist wind driven rain, industrial pollution, snow, cold, mould and damp, guaranteed * (warranty is issued by providing contractor & Product referred to is re-branded Andura Classic 21.

BBA Approved Certificate No. 93/2917) Super flexible, will not crack, even when subjected to extreme flexing! Just LOOK at the image on the right!

The wall coating was applied to a flexible plastic sheet and then tested to the extreme!


What does it look like close-up? Exterior Coatings Product samples.

The 3 stage process: Cement slurry, primer and textured wall coating

The 3 stage process: Cement slurry, primer and textured wall coating

A textured exterior wall coating on render

A textured exterior wall coating on render

The 3 stage wall coating process on a pebbledashed wall

The 3 stage process on pebbledash

Get in touch with our friendly team today and book a FREE quote visit, and learn how you could have this long life weather-resistant exterior textured wall coating on your home and not have to worry about having the outside repaired or painted for at least 15 years!

A full exterior house decorating service, with a wall repair service thrown in and no need for yearly re-painting.

Watch this short clip clip and find out more about our services.


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