Clear wall coatings for damp stone or brick walls

Brick waterproofingDo you own a house with unpainted brick or stone exterior walls?

Does your home suffer from damp or condensation?

Are the brick pointing mortar joints falling out?

Do you have crumbling or loose bricks?

Is your home always cold, even with the heating switched on?

If you have said “yes” to ANY of the above questions then this impermeable exterior coating we offer could be what your house needs. Bricks are made to provide some form of weatherproofing for houses but over time the weather erodes this and the bricks start to let in water and starts a knock on effect of deterioration. If left unchecked this causes untold damage to the house itself.

There IS a solution to cure this.

This transparent weatherproof wall coating is a quality exterior home improvement service, approved by architects, which will stop damp, erosion, efflorescence and deterioration of your home but WITHOUT changing the appearance of the outside of your house.

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“No-one will notice the coating has been applied to your property until it starts to rain, and the water will bead off the surface like a teflon frying pan.”

The ClearCoat product (also known as clear shield) is a top quality Exterior home wall coating that cures penetrating damp, cold interior walls and water ingress, Guaranteed! It really is the best damp proofing service in the UK, specially formulated to keep damp out of brickwork but at a comparatively LOW cost.

The products featured on this page are Andura ProClear which are colourless compounds that penetrates deep beneath the surface of your exterior walls, permanently curing erosion and it cures penetrating damp.

The clear wall coating featured here is approved by architects and meets BS 6477 Standard for Groups 1, 3 and 4

What are the benefits of the NPA damp proof wall coating?

  • It INSULATES your home, lowering heating bills.
  • Totally eliminates penetrating damp, protecting your health.
  • Prevents erosion, especially in coastal or exposed homes.
  • Completely cures brick and stone efflorescence
  • Injected damp proof courses also available to stop rising damp.
  • Prevents frost attack which can crack render, stone and mortar joints.
  • Helps to regulate interior humidity and strops condensation forming.
  • Cleans the appearance of your home, preserving its character.
  • Available for small brick and stone houses, to large mansions and commercial buildings.

These special home coatings have special dispersing agents added to give maximum depth of penetration into the wall. This durable waterproof wall coating is IDEAL for those who wish to protect their homes from damp, erosion and the wet weather.

Our product has also been proven to halt the effects of EROSION in your walls.

What exactly is a waterproof brick coating?

NPA INVISIBLE “CLEAR COAT” WALL COATINGS  soak deep into your exterior walls, enough in fact, to make them literally  invisible as the coating DOES NOT LEAVE A SHEEN OR A SHINE ON THE WALLS unlike DIY brick waterproofers, and will not change the appearance of the wall, it will look the same.

ProClear, made by Andura is the ideal exterior wall coating for houses made of unpainted brick, block or natural stone! Our wall coating service will stop PENETRATING DAMP for good and it is not as expensive as you think.

The product is far superior to any waterproofing agent you may purchase from your local hardware or DIY store and as such is specialist application only by our friendly teams.

NPA Pro-Clear is a single component silane-siloxane system which penetrates into exterior building surfaces and chemically bonds to produce a water repellent lining.  It then significantly reduces the absorption of water and water-borne contaminants whilst allowing the substrate to continue to breathe.

NPA Pro-clear cures brick wall erosion and efflorescence

ANDURA clear_coating

If your home suffers from brick wall erosion or efflorescence, and maybe the pointing mortar joints have become loose and brittle then this dampproof coating is ideal and not as expensive as you may think either.

Is this wall coating suitable for listed buildings?

Yes it’s perfect for all types of home where keeping the exterior looking exactly the same is of a high importance.  The walls are fully guaranteed after application and your home will last for years to come! It is ideal for listed buildings and homes in a conservation area, and we have ample experience of working with a range of delicate and older homes and commercial buildings too.

The ideal restoration wall coatings for listed buildings

The ideal restoration wall coatings for listed buildings

Previous jobs have included churches, Doctors surgeries, Theatres, industrial buildings, grade 1 and 2 listed buildings, pubs and restaurants.

Our goal is to make your home dry, free of damp, and without needing further outside maintenance!

What does this wall coating product actually do?

It repels water without sealing the walls. We demonstrated this by treating this house brick (below) and waited just one day. We then poured water on to it and this is what happened.

CURES PENETRATING DAMP clearshield silicone wall coating -on-brick waterproof
 The compound forms a silicone barrier in the capillary channels (the billions of microscopic holes or voids within your walls that allow moisture to pass into the house), and leaves no sign of discolouration which helps to keep the surface of the walls clean.

This clear wall coating system is not broken down by natural expansion and contraction caused by severe weather conditions. It is based on the UK’s top selling trade product PRO-CLEAR from Andura, the UK’s leading specialist paint and coating manufacturer, based in Oxford.

Weatherproofing your outside walls without changing the look!

The fact that this coating makes no visible change to the wall, means that it can be applied (by us) on houses and buildings where, if the wall surface was painted, it would ruin the look of the house.

Once it is applied, using 2 coats, any rainwater will run off without soaking into the building. NOTE: Dry weather is essential for application of any clear siloxane based wall coatings.

Preservation coatings for listed buildings

This is also something that is idea for historic or listed buildings, and for homes that lie in a conservation area or a site of special interest etc. This wall coating contains water dispersants, meaning that any moisture is pushed away and out of the wall. An industrial equivalent to this action is the product WD-40, which also has agents which push away water.

Application of NPA clear wall coating

  • We 1st clean the external walls, getting rid of dirt, mould, moss, flaky paint, algae, traffic or industrial grime, pollution etc.
  • We then expertly check the building for defects such as loose or missing pointing or mortar joints, cracks and  hollow render, crumbling bricks etc., and carry out the required repairs (if applicable) to the external walls.
  • We then spray apply  2 coats of the waterproof wall coating product as required.
  • Then our teams clean up and put all tools and equipment back in the van and you would never know a work team had been to your home!

….and once it starts to rain, you will see the water “bead” off the wall, keeping you nice and dry inside, and more importantly, free of penetrating damp!

How long does a clear coat job take?

Most clear coating jobs take between 2 and 3 days but it very much depends on how much repair we have to do to the property before we apply the damp proof coatings to the walls. If repair to the house is needed, such as re-pointing or replacing loose or crumbling brickwork, the job will of course take a bit longer.

It is best applied between the end of February and late October although there can be exceptions to the rule but it must NOT be applied when the wall is wet or when rain is forecast for that day.

What if I want a super durable weatherproof coating WITH added colour?

No problem! There are other wall coating products we do that not only weatherproof and repair the walls, they add a splash of colour too. We have a resin based spray applied wall coating you could consider, and also a coloured render based wall coating that can totally transform your home AND add value too.

For the full coating range select the PRODUCTS drop down menu right at the top of the screen.

How much does a wall coating cost?

We need a bit of information about the size and condition of your house before we can provide an estimate of costs so please either call us on the number below or click the banner and complete the contact form. There’s absolutely NO obligation to make an enquiry and when you call you won’t be given a sales pitch!

Thank you

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