Sample colour chart

Our exterior wall coating systems are specially made for us by Wetherby Stone Ltd, Dalton, Thirsk, Yorkshire. YO7 3HE

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Special colours also available to order, please ask.*

All-year round application. NPA products are completely weatherproof and have in excess of a 20 year lifespan.

The benefits of NPA wall coatings

  • Our coating will NOT fade during it's lifespan
  • NPA coatings will not crack or fracture
  • Won't chip like masonry paint
  • Will not flake or crumble like normal paint
  • Resistant to peeling and deterioration
  • Completely Breathable and water resistant
  • Resists urban pollution, grime and acid rain attack
  • Installed by our own factory trained teams, not subcontractors
  • Offers complete, long life protection against the weather
  • Free survey and quotation available
  • This products comes in a variety of textured or smooth finishes
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We can offer you a range of different textures and exterior wall finishes, from smooth to coarse, all custom made for YOUR home at a price that our customers say is EXCELLENT VALUE FOR MONEY! All wall coating products are guaranteed for 20 years, NOT TO fade, peel, crack, chip or flake. Our coatings are specially made for us by Wetherby Stone Ltd, paint and coatings manufacturers for over 40 years.

  • Colours custom made to your order require a paid deposit before we manufacture them

When our fully trained representative visits your home (at your request) they will have hard copies of the colour charts and also samples of each exterior wall finish for you to look at. If you are really stumped as to a choice for a home wall colour, your choice is not final until the day you place an order with us so please, don’t worry!

Enhance, protect and beautify your home in less than a week

Wall coating system number 1.

We offer a coloured, spray-applied exterior wall coating, which can be seen by clicking here.

Wall coatings system number 2.

We also offer a clear, transparent exterior wall coating, which can be seen by clicking here.