Why applying a wall coating is not a DIY job

If you are looking for a quote for an exterior wall coating or rendering because DIY for you, is impossible, what company should be looking for?

You should be very wary of websites that make outrageous claims without proof of their work.

Many of the people featured on our site, and the photos of houses are from REAL jobs and REAL customers, we’re not a half baked start up with some wacky idea, we’ve been doing this sort of thing online since 1999 and we speak to you with authority, integrity and knowledge.

Since the Google panda update, and the Penguin update, no one can find the correct information any more, in fact although getting rid of web spam is a good idea, many one page, poor content sites are now ranking number one, despite the fact their site is an advert with sod all on it!

This is progress?

There are now one page sites ranking number one, and other “comparison” sites (ooh I wonder where they got that idea from) which promise huge savings on Maintenance Free Exterior Wall Coatings and Rendering when you DIY, because they are just a website and nothing else, who would suggest in their right mind that something professional like a wall coating can be put together like a holiday?

Don’t you hate it when companies give out the wrong information, just to dupe their clients into thinking they can get a top quality job for next to nothing?

Wall Coatings rendering and DIY should never be words used together.

Save thousands!?

Yes, if you are looking to get done any of the following exterior house coating services using rendering wall coatings, spray wall coating, coloured render such as k-rend or Weber, for a maintenance free render finish, the original NEVER PAINT AGAIN  can offer you these services and much more, at a fraction of the cost of so called comparison sites, and with accredited and authorised dealers, NOT local builders and not sub contracted “new age travellers” in old vans.

Installing a wall coating or coloured render requires skill and expertise.

Don’t be fooled either by a company (no, a website only) inclusion on a check a trade website or membership of a trade organisation no one has heard of. EVERYONE gets accepted on these sites, as long as they pay the fees, we could sign up for it tomorrow if we wanted to.

It doesn’t mean they are any good, and it does not guarantee quality of work. In fact it has recently been proven that one of the find a builder or check the trade sites, I won’t name which one in case they sue me (!), it was found during an experiment between two tradesmen that the reviews can easily be manipulated and are not checked up, so beware of a company with lots of glowing reviews, they could have been written by the trader himself.

Wall Coatings & Rendering Price Comparison Service

Penetrating damp?

All of our products are specially designed to identify areas of damp, and cure them permanently, leaving you with not only a house that looks fabulous, but one that is free of damp, and with zero maintenance too!

This applies to our coloured wall coatings, our coloured monocouche render and our transparent damp proof coatings.

If an external coating is applied by someone who doesn’t know what they are doing, and does not have a graco president spray machine then the coating will NOT last and you will have lost your money.

It is no good going to the paint manufacturer as they will not be interested because you got some fella down the road to install it and not one of their teams.

If I asked you to service my car, could you?

Then why do you think you can paint a house with wall coating products that are designed to be trade only?

People always recommend our tradesmen!

That’s right, and we can prove it too, just read our reviews.

Time after time, our clients and those of our contractors, contact us and tell us how happy they are with the work that was done to their house via never paint again.

How many times have you bought a service or a product, and “yes”,  the goods or services may have been “as described” etc, but can you think of a time when you were so happy you wrote to the company in question and told them?

Our customers do! Just click here to read what they say about us.

Remember, having your house rendered or coated is NOT a job for your local “cash in hand” builder.

Your local builder maybe a competent chap, and there are some good ones out there as well as some bad ones, but any reputable exterior wall coating or coloured render supplier, will only allow their approved fitters to install the work and to use their materials, without fail.

In some cases, an exterior wall covering that has been applied incorrectly, will stop the walls from breathing and therefore the coating will actually CAUSE DAMP, even if it didn’t exist previously.

This isn’t a scare story to get you to buy from us, this is fact and based on our real experience when cowboys install a coating they know nothing about.

In addition, many builders would not have been trained, especially in chemical handling and safety of certain coatings, which can actually be harmful if used in the wrong way.

You cant expect to buy coating or render “off the shelf” and then supply instructions to some “geezer” you know to install it for 5 hundred quid.

It’s like me taking my car to the dentist, giving him the Haynes manual and expecting him to give the car an MOT.

What’s the writer going on about now?!


If you use one of these gimmicky comparison sites who say that you just choose the product you want, and then arrange a builder to install it, you will NOT get any form of guarantee and you will not get a team fully experienced to install the render or coating.

In short if you are looking to save money on having a render or a wall coating fitted to your home, choosing one of these compare sites will end in disaster, for sure.

These sites are written by someone who has obviously been in the exterior wall coating game and as such they know all the tricks of the trade, like these handsome, hunky fellas in the photo (!).

If you really think you are going to save money, and if you really believe that you can handle the hassle of trying to arrange everything yourself, go ahead and chuck the money away!

A wall coating job consists of:

  • Arranging for Scaffolding, for safety and to comply with the law.
  • Sometimes liaising with English heritage or the local planning office.
  • Expert surveying and measuring to calculate the exact amount of coatings needed.
  • Liaising with various suppliers and trades.
  • Talking to your neighbours and keeping them happy.
  • Ensuring that health and safety is adhered to.
  • Accounts and payments, sorting issues and problems. (remember if you pay someone cash, you are breaking the law and will be liable for tax evasion)
  • Safe chemical handling and storage
  • And of course the work itself. Which would be done by someone who may not have experience of installing wall coatings
  • Applying coloured render also is NOT the same as normal render and inexperienced applicators will cause the render to crack and fall off.

Do you think, reading the above, it is now a good idea like you first thought?

Don’t DIY with a wall coating, I assure you, you will regret it.

Getting your house fixed up is not the same as booking flights, a villa and car hire when going on holiday.

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