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A video explaining our products in greater detail

This expert video shows you exactly what ingredients go into making a textured exterior wall coating, the type we use on many of our house painting projects.

The coatings, made by Andura, go through a stringent manufacturing process and many things get added to the mix, which go into making the toughest wall coatings on the market.

The video sees our resident editor explaining, in his own way (!), the different components that go into making up the raw product itself, before the colouring process.

We plan to revisit this later this year with a trip to the factory to see the process in action so to speak.

So here it is, a video explaining how textured coatings are made and what goes into them.

 Textured wall coatings?

What do you want me to talk about?

Now you’ve seen the video, (and hopefully liked it!), I can tell you that we are carrying on with our videoblog series all this year and are taking requests from people about what you want me to talk about?

It could be a specific page on the site that you want more information, a commentary or you want answers to your specific questions?

It could be a question related to textured wall coatings, house painting, damp proofing, or a DIY related question. I have worked in the home improvements industry since 1986, so I’m confident I can answer your question. ­čÖé

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Text and video copyright Guy Alexander Bell. 2013.

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