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A video on how to get a quote or estimate from us

If you are looking to get a quote for some work done to the exterior of your house, such as painting, decorating, exterior wall coatings or maybe even rendering, then our resident guru Guy Alexander Bell brings you this 5 minute video (below) on who we are, what we do and how to go about getting a free quote

Getting quotes for work to be done on your house is usually something that many of us dread.

The countless phone calls, leaving messages on the local painters voicemail as he is “up a ladder”, trawling through the yellow pages, calling your friends and asking them, maybe even putting out an appeal on facebook or twitter for someone to paint your house!

It isn’t easy for sure!

Thankfully you are on the right website to get a quote or estimate to have work done on your house!

We have been pricing up work since the 1980’s, and of course since about 2002 online, so we pretty much know what we’re doing.

Over time this website has got quite big, after all, it is out ten year anniversary this year, so instead of me writing more and more content, I made this video for you, all about getting a quote to have work done on your home.

How to get a quote.

Get quotes, prices and estimates for home improvements

OK, now you have hopefully watched the video, here is how you go about getting a price, the BEST price of course, for work to your home.

Firstly, CONTACT US!

Either by clicking the link above, or by phoning the team, on 0800 970 4928

telephone-us on 0800 970 4928

We then have a chat with you and if you like, arrange an appointment to come and see the house in Question.

Then, to get a firm price for wall coatings or rendering, whatever work you need doing, we calculate the total home improvement cost on the spot, with no hidden charges or nasty surprises.

And then the decision is up to you; yes or no!

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