Painting the exterior of a stone building in Totnes in 2002

The walls of this old building in Devon were built of rough, natural stone and were at least 3 feet thick!

Despite this, the owners of this converted mill had penetrating damp within the house which was of course causing some discomfort to the occupants and textured wall coatings were needed to bring some respite.

 The top bedrooms (on the end wall nearest to the photographer, were black with mould, and the inside plaster wall was wet after only moderate rainfall.

The owners wanted a solution to this, whilst remaining sympathetic to the building.

Textured wall coatings on older houses

We also had to implement traffic measures whilst working on the house which opened up straight onto the road, with a busy primary school next to the house, doing the wall coating works to this property was somewhat challenging, but we got there in the end!

This shows the preparation needed before applying a wall coating

This shows the preparation needed before applying a wall coating

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This old place was located just outside Totnes, in Harbertonford, on the road to Dartmouth.

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