Exterior House Painting; an example in Derbyshire

Does the outside of your house need painting yet again? Exterior house painting is what we do best, (of course!), and it is certainly what we have taken immense pleasure and pride in since 1986.

Unlike your typical “Jobbing Builder”, repairing, making good and then painting the external walls of your home is the only thing we do, and we are darn good at it too, just ask our customers.

They will tell you that NPA is Britain’s number ONE wall coating specialist, and they often recommend us to friends and neighbours because of our track record and experience since 1986.

People trust us with their homes, which is why year on year we continue to exceed all of our customers expectations, and more besides. Read More

Oo la la! Decopierre French natural stone wall finish

Bonjour! The NPA team are always on the lookout for interesting products to review and here’s one direct from France, which is now available here in the UK.

The amazing and versatile Decopierre® exterior and interior stone effect wall coating is an innovative hard wearing stone substitute and durable, breathable wall finish that has been developed to create a natural aged limestone effect for both interior and exterior walls on all types of property.

This simulated limestone wall covering can be put on any house or commercial building,  regardless of age and condition, and can be installed internally AND externally and is completely weatherproof. (This is NOT stone cladding!) Read More

What happens if I don’t look after the outside of my house?

The exterior walls of houses get a real hammering from the British weather and with the recession now in it’s umpteenth year, paying to keep a house in good condition becomes a struggle for many instead of a pleasure.

We often take what we see every day for granted, the exterior of the house being a prime example. If we can’t see anything wrong, we forget about it, but often that is too late, and results in a hefty bill for render repairs or damp proofing. Read More

A modern history of home exterior styles

To celebrate the Jubilee Celebrations across England, the Never Paint Again team thought it was a good idea to take a brief look at the modern history of Exterior wall coatings since HM The Queen’s coronation of 1953.

As we unfurl the banners and string them across the houses in the street, people who up until last week, probably never even spoke to each other before, and getting out the tables in readiness for one of the many Diamond Jubilee street parties around the UK this weekend. Read More

Five top tips to diagnose dampness in the home

Damp, wet walls, mould and mildew are a common issue in UK houses due to the exceptionally wet and wintry climate Great Britain “enjoys” for much of the year.

Here are some top tips on how to spot damp and how to cure it for good, with some practical and helpful advice from property expert Guy Alexander Bell.

No one likes damp.

If you are trying to sell your house at present and prospective buyers don’t take it further than the first viewing, or you are wondering why you keep getting colds, or even why the house feels chilly even with the heating on, your home could be suffering from damp. Read More