A wreck to a home: A wall coating transformation

We love a Challenge….

In most cases we apply our famously durable exterior wall covering system to houses that are made of the normal stuff, you know, bricks or blocks, which have been covered over with render, harling, tyrolean or more often than not, that awful stuff pebbledash, but now and again we get to do something a bit different.

This property near Cardiff in Wales had a serious of major improvements over the years, doubling it’s size internally. It was originally an industrial building so we had our work cut out to change it into a private dwelling. Read More

The time we painted an arts and crafts house in Cardiff

This delightful art nouveau house in Cardiff, Wales, was externally refurbished, repaired and painted by NEVER PAINT AGAIN UK in 2012.

Great care was taken to protect the artistic windows and features of this wonderful period Welsh home whilst we were working on it, and we took some photos to help show you the sort of thing we do when we fix up a house like this.

We always enjoy our work each week as no week is ever the same! Read More

The outside of this Aberystwyth house now looks great!

Another fine example of how we can repair and paint your home in no time at all, and we guarantee it will look this good for at least 20 years!

This particular cottage near to Aberystwyth in Wales, was in a rural, exposed area, and the walls were buffeted daily by the winds and rain coming across the open countryside.

The interior of the house was immaculate but, try as they may, the owners couldn’t keep the exterior in good shape, as normal masonry paint just was not up to the job and every 18 months, this house had to be repainted! Read More