A video explaining our products in greater detail

This expert video shows you exactly what ingredients go into making a textured exterior wall coating, the type we use on many of our house painting projects.

The coatings, made by Andura, go through a stringent manufacturing process and many things get added to the mix, which go into making the toughest wall coatings on the market. Read More

Some video advice from a house painting blogger

The editor of this very website, house painting blogger Guy Alexander Bell, explains what his company does, and tells you in this video, all about his long life house painting system and how to choose a suitable wall coating for your home.

He also shows you various actual samples of the coating, and explains how to go about getting a FREE quote to have the paint system on your home. Read More

A video explaining repairing and painting pebbledash

If you own a house with ugly pebbledash we can show you in this video exactly how we repair and paint pebbledashed houses, with our exterior wall coatings which are not only maintenance free, they also come with a 15 year insurance backed warranty too!

Having us repair and paint your spar dashed, tyrolean or pebble-dashed house can actually work out CHEAPER than having the dashed coating hacked off and re-applied by a pebble dashing company! Read More

How to keep your home looking great for less

If you have made a new year’s resolution to get the house looking great here are some tips and advice. You don’t have to be Einstein to follow it either!

Many people are put off by even the THOUGHT of getting some much needed home improvements done because they are maybe scared of the cost, or just maybe do not understand the importance of keeping a home in good order.

Read More