Exterior painting a detached bungalow in Chobham

Our wall coatings team for the M3 corridor area have just completed work on a nice little detached bungalow in Chobham and they were so pleased with the work, as of course was the client, they took some nice photos to show us!

Chobham lies just between Bagshot and Chertsey and north of Woking, (Paul Weller’s old stomping ground), and a town where we have been many times before when working in the area, so we felt right at home.

If you live in ANY town or village in this area, and your home needs a paint job, give us a ring on 0800 970 4928 for prices. Read More

A step by step guide on how to plaster an internal wall

Plastering is an essential process and procedure when carrying out internal home improvements or alterations to your property, but is it so easy that you can just read an article like this and then go and do it yourself?

Well not quite.

Plastering is a skilled trade in itself, so the likelihood of you reading this, printing it off, donning your overalls and plastering a room, if you have never done it before, is optimistic to say the least, but not impossible, but for small areas of wall, or patch repairs, with a few attempts even you could get it right! Read More

How outside rendering can crack and cause damp.

The render that is on the exterior walls of a house is a hard wall coating that is designed to protect the bricks the house is made of, and to consolidate the walls and add strength to the structure but what happens when rendering cracks, and why does it crack?

We show what to do if this is happening to your home.

There is nothing worse than finding cracks in the outside of your house. How would you know if they are just surface cracks or if the building needs re-rendering, after all render doesn’t last for ever? Read More

How to re-point brick work mortar joints on walls

Today we learn how to approach the task of repointing an exterior wall.

Pointing is the common British word for the mortar joints or lines of cement that surround each individual brick on the outside walls of your house.

They bind the bricks together and aid waterproofing but what happens when they need to be replaced or repaired?

Do your bricks look like they need some TLC?

Repairing and replacing mortar joins can be a time consuming, laborious and tedious task, and great skill is needed to get it right 1st time. Read More