How to get prices, quotes and estimates for house painting

It can seem quite daunting for the average homeowner to get a price from a tradesman for house painting, and that is if they bother to turn up at your house when they say they will, if at all!

The team at NEVER PAINT AGAIN have thankfully made it very easy to get a price to paint your house, with scheduled appointments (which we always keep), expert advice and knowledge, and written fixed-price quotations in writing.

What more could you want from a house painting contractor?

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Winter sale! 30% off our weatherproof wall coatings


Winter soon arrives, so take advantage of our money saving deal today, and get your house walls painted, weatherproofed & ready for winter. 20 year guarantee

If your house exterior needs repainting yet again this year, why not try something a little bit different, a paint finish that will not only look great, it means your house will not need painting again for at least 20 years!

Our wall coating system completely weatherproofs your home, not only saving you money on costly repairs, it could also lower your winter heating bills, saving you EVEN MORE MONEY!

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5 reasons to buy weather protection for your house

Your home is under attack!! No, don’t worry, there’s no need to call the police (!), you need to call us instead!

Why? Because right now, the weather is preparing to attack the exterior walls of your house, so if you don’t have a weatherproof wall coating on the walls, watch out!

So what’s the big deal? Surely all houses are weatherproofed right? WRONG.

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10 top tips on getting estimates and quotes for home improvements

This article will show you how to make getting a quote, (a fixed costing), or an estimate, (an educated guess), of what it would cost to have a tradesperson carry out improvement work to your home this year.

I want to say first off that this page is actually NOT supposed to be just another advert for our services and I would think that by the end of the text you will be hopefully more educated and willing to get a quote to have your house painted, for example, or in fact get any work done to your home, without hassle. Read More

How to choose the right company to paint your house

If your home seems to need a new coat of paint every other year, you could actually be throwing money away; money that could be well spent on something else.

Does your home really need to be painted every year?

The average cost of painting (properly) a standard house in the UK currently stands at between £1500 and £2000, so if it needs doing every other year, you can imagine, that amounts to a fair bit of cash spent over only a few years. Read More