No surprises that we paint houses of all shapes and sizes!

What sort of house do YOU live in?

A terraced house? Maybe a bungalow, or perhaps a detached home? Chances are that you reside in one of the many common forms of housing in the UK and I don’t need to tell you that, in most cases, getting someone reliable, affordable and professional to paint the house is a nightmare in itself, am I right?

Well, this could be your lucky day as we are going to show you how diverse the range of homes (and business premises) our company is tasked to paint, up and down the UK, since 1986. Read More

Bring some colour to your life with exterior wall paint

House proud? Really? Then you’ll agree that there’s nothing worse than looking up at your house from the street and then walking past it with your head in your hands as it’s so embarrassing. When was the last time you had it painted?

Is it so bad that people point at your house as they walk past?!

It could be that the exterior was decorated as little as one or two years ago, so why does it look bad again? Did you make the mistake of having it painted from the cheapest quote you received? Did the fella do any repairs to the house like filling cracks, curing mould, removing the old paint or fixing the render? Probably not. I bet the colour has faded too? Read More

We can paint your house exterior in autumn and winter!

Did you know your home Can be painted during winter? You didn’t? Well it CAN!

Our hardy teams are still braving the weather and weatherproofing homes and businesses across the United Kingdom as we speak, but how do they do it? 

No-one (apart from polar bears and penguins) really like the weather at this time of year, and the day I am writing this, I’m feeling guilty as I am sat in a nice warm office whilst our teams are out in the cold! Read More

Problems and solutions for coastal and seaside homes

No-one knows more than us about the damaging effects the weather can have on your home exterior, but what about if you own a property in a coastal, moorland, sea-fronting or cliff top location?

The outside of your home has to not only look good all year round, but it also has a more important function in keeping you and your family warm, safe and dry.

Most homes have a moderate amount of weatherproofing built in, after all, the UK isn’t famed for it’s long dry spells (!), but what about if your house lies in area that “get a lot of weather” during Autumn and winter? Read More

This is how important the windows in your house are

Most people reading this article will perhaps immediately think of the word “Windows” as the operating system on their computer, but no, this article does not mention Bill Gates at all (apart from just then of course), it’s an article about those square glass things that you look through every day.

Yes, you just realised that you take these things for granted don’t you?

I guarantee that every single day, anyone reading this will have looked through a window, open or closed one, or have drawn back the drapes or curtains to reveal what is on the other side, but how well do you know them? Read More