Textured wall coatings, The Wirral, Merseyside

We love getting out and about and meeting new customers so it was a delight to work for the couple who owned this lovely Semi-detached home on the Wirral, Merseyside.

We put together this page, with some photos, to show you the type of work we carry out each and every week. No two jobs are ever the same and each one has it’s own challenges and rewards, the reward for us being the satisfaction of a job well done, and two very happy home owners!

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Post Brexit, does the UK face a shortage of skilled people?

So we voted to leave the European Union on June 23rd, and many people tell us a bright future awaits.

Eurosceptics like Boris Johnson, Liam Fox, or even Nigel Farage can’t sort the skills shortage, or even begin to address it, they have other things to do, so if there is a shortage of skilled people, we are leaving Europe, what do we do and who do we look to for help?

Hundreds of thousands of people have come here to work in construction but what will happen when we finally shut the door on EU workers and employers who need, for example, insulation installers, cannot look to the EU, there’s a lack of people here in the UK to do it, so what does the employer do?

Where will these skilled people come from?

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Home improvement terminology, USA vs UK

Hey buddy! (Good afternoon old chap!)

Home improvements remain similar in both the UK and America but words used by contractors and tradesmen vary wildly between the 2 countries, which side of the pond are you on?

The media always go on and on about our “special relationship” with our friends across the ocean in America, but apart from speaking the same language, how different are the common words and phrases our tradespeople are likely to use during their working day? Read More

Protective textured coatings on a Newcastle Upon Tyne home

When most people think about painting the outside of their home they think about PAINT.

The sort of paint we can all buy down at B and Q for a few quid. The problem is, masonry paint is only actually designed to last a couple of years before it needs overpainting. In fact most DIY masonry paints start to break down after only the first winter. Read More

Why does paint peel and crack?

There is nothing worse than taking a lot of time and effort decorating a room in your home, or even outside, only for the paint to crack, forcing you to do it again, or even give up and call a tradesman in to do it properly, but WHY does this happen?

Similarly, if you had your house exterior painted recently, or at least during the past year or so, and cracks have appeared, what’s gone wrong?

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