Bring some colour to your life with exterior wall paint

House proud? Really? Then you’ll agree that there’s nothing worse than looking up at your house from the street and then walking past it with your head in your hands as it’s so embarrassing. When was the last time you had it painted?

Is it so bad that people point at your house as they walk past?!

It could be that the exterior was decorated as little as one or two years ago, so why does it look bad again? Did you make the mistake of having it painted from the cheapest quote you received? Did the fella do any repairs to the house like filling cracks, curing mould, removing the old paint or fixing the render? Probably not. I bet the colour has faded too? Read More

Why trade paint for decorators is better than DIY paint

If you are planning a decorating job this year, which type of paint should you choose? Trade-only paint or the paints readily available in any good DIY store?

Is there a difference between the two types, even paints by the same brand?

Well, we think so and here’s our argument.

As you may have guessed, even if you are a first time visitor to our DIY and decorating blog, we’ve been doing this a while now (!), in fact I started out on the brushes when I was only 14 years of age, and now at the rip old age (!) of 43, I’ve been there and done that and used all sorts of paints. Read More

Why NPA is different to other painters and decorators

If you are wanting to get someone to paint your house this year, it is vital that you choose the right decorators for the job.

So why choose us?

We are different than maybe your local house painter in many ways, and not only could you save a lot of money having us paint your house, you can also be assured of the longest lasting paints and the best quality of work. Read More

It is time to get your house painted again!

If it’s that time of year to paint the house again then you most certainly are in luck! The time to paint your most valued asset, your house, seems to come around far too often doesn’t it?

You are now on the UK’s most popular exterior house painting and wall coatings website, packed with over 85 pages of case studies (see menu above), 400 pages of original DIY and home improvement articles and over 25 years of experience “on the tools” Read More

Your home is killing you! Harmful home items uncovered

“All I need is the air that I breathe”….. sang the Hollies many years ago, and fast forward today, and what do we think about air quality in general? Is air really all we need?  The Beatles told us it was love. Who is right?

So do we give it a second thought or do we take it for granted?

Air pollution is the environment is often talked about by various governments across Europe, but what about the quality of the air inside your home?

There are some things in YOUR house you may not realise are very harmful! Read More