Never Paint Again are approved contractors for Wethertex

Whoever you choose to do your home improvements this year, people generally recommend that you “look before you leap”, and choose wisely because the wrong choice of contractor can cost you far more than that “cheap quote” you agreed to.

It’s suggested that whenever you plan work you should always get 3 quotes, )something we agree with too you may be surprised to hear), but apart from the contractor you are dealing with, what’s behind the team? Read More

Our Home Improvement Customer Satisfaction Survey

We want you to be happy!

We want you to be 100% satisfied with both our workmanship, and also with our workmen!

That’s why during, and after, we paint your house, we ask each and every client to tell us how we did, using the questions below, so that we can not only monitor the work of our teams, but it also gives us a chance to see what we are doing right, and where can improve on things. Read More

New NPA website coming this spring! What to expect

Hello everyone!

This is a short blog post to keep our customers and our loyal blog readers up to speed as to what’s going on in our world.

This Easter 2015 we will be launching a new version of our site, the first new version since 2012, and one that is keeping in line with the changing use of the internet.

We started up this website way back in 2001, which is hard to believe we’ve been doing this online for that length of time, not without challenge I may add, however now is the time to change, but why? Read More

Exterior painting a detached bungalow in Chobham

Our wall coatings team for the M3 corridor area have just completed work on a nice little detached bungalow in Chobham and they were so pleased with the work, as of course was the client, they took some nice photos to show us!

Chobham lies just between Bagshot and Chertsey and north of Woking, (Paul Weller’s old stomping ground), and a town where we have been many times before when working in the area, so we felt right at home.

If you live in ANY town or village in this area, and your home needs a paint job, give us a ring on 0800 970 4928 for prices. Read More

Having a Sandwich before going to Widnes to paint walls

Having a Sandwich?

…..And where does the town of Widnes come into that?

Let me explain.

We paint homes up and down the country so here’s 2 examples of houses we painted with our weatherproof and very long life textured wall coatings.

We give you some basic information about what we did to two very different properties,  the first one being a terraced, brick built house in Sandwich, Kent, the other a large 1920’s detached home up in Widnes, Cheshire. Read More