Prices, quotes and estimates for house painting

It can seem quite daunting for the average homeowner to get a price from a tradesman for house painting, and that is if they bother to turn up at your house when they say they will, if at all!

The team at NEVER PAINT AGAIN have thankfully made it very easy to get a price to paint your house, with scheduled appointments (which we always keep), expert advice and knowledge, and written fixed-price quotations in writing.

What more could you want from a house painting contractor?

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No surprises that we paint houses of all shapes and sizes!

What sort of house do YOU live in?

A terraced house? Maybe a bungalow, or perhaps a detached home? Chances are that you reside in one of the many common forms of housing in the UK and I don’t need to tell you that, in most cases, getting someone reliable, affordable and professional to paint the house is a nightmare in itself, am I right?

Well, this could be your lucky day as we are going to show you how diverse the range of homes (and business premises) our company is tasked to paint, up and down the UK, since 1986. Read More

More questions and answers about our wall coating systems

We asked a lot of questions each week. As the UK’s number one most popular exterior wall coatings company by work volume and customer acquisition, I really do mean A LOT.

We love to hear from people, and most calls and emails are thankfully about our wall coating systems, and in many cases we are able to point to a section on this website which has the answer you need, however….

From time to time we get some rather irrelevant, and in some cases, quite surreal, questions asked of us, so this post will hopefully put to bed some misconceptions about what we offer and maybe also stop people calling us thinking we give free DIY advice because we don’t.

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A weatherproof wall covering for a home in the Pennines

We are delighted to present yet another case study of exactly what we do best; painting a house!

This lovely, traditional stone-built cottage was located in the the mountainous “Pennines” district of northern England, in Yorkshire. Like a scene straight out of “last of the Summer Wine”, the BBC TV show that, by my reckoning, must have been on TV now for about a million years. Read More

A paint that stops cracking for this Ashford house

Cracks come in all shapes and sizes, some only on the surface and some that go far deeper. This house in Ashford, Kent, was covered in painted tyrolean and suffered not only from cracking to various parts of each elevation, but it also needed frequent external re-painting.

Due to the size of the house, having a local decorator from Kent to come in and paint it every 2 years was costing the owners a small fortune. This was of course coupled with the almost yearly hassle and inconvenience of having a team of painters arrive each time. Read More