Painting a modern house, Oreston, Plymouth

Although we work nationally and do quite a few miles each year, it’s always nice to work on a house close by, so here’s an example of when we applied a NEVER PAINT AGAIN wall coating, to a modern home in the waterside village of Oreston, Plymouth.

It’s a common misconception that our wall coating service is just for older homes, in fact we repair and paint houses of all shapes and sizes and even modern ones present their own challenges, so read on and find out what we did to this house. Read More

We can paint your house exterior in autumn and winter!

Did you know your home Can be painted during winter? You didn’t? Well it CAN!

Our hardy teams are still braving the weather and weatherproofing homes and businesses across the United Kingdom as we speak, but how do they do it? 

No-one (apart from polar bears and penguins) really like the weather at this time of year, and the day I am writing this, I’m feeling guilty as I am sat in a nice warm office whilst our teams are out in the cold! Read More

A wreck to a home: A wall coating transformation

We love a Challenge….

In most cases we apply our famously durable exterior wall covering system to houses that are made of the normal stuff, you know, bricks or blocks, which have been covered over with render, harling, tyrolean or more often than not, that awful stuff pebbledash, but now and again we get to do something a bit different.

This property near Cardiff in Wales had a serious of major improvements over the years, doubling it’s size internally. It was originally an industrial building so we had our work cut out to change it into a private dwelling. Read More

Kent coastal home gets protection from sea salt attack

If you live along our beautiful coastline you would be well aware that it’s a lovely place to be when the sun is shining but bloody awful when the weather’s bad!

Houses located along Britain’s seaside are one of the most sought after in the country but that location, devoid of any weather protection, means each home can take a real battering when the weather is bad, causing in many cases, yearly painting of the exterior, but why? Read More

2 completed contracts: Plymstock, and Maidstone

We enjoy showing off our hard work and our 2 latest rendering repair and wall coating jobs are no exception. We get to travel the length and breadth of our wonderful country and here’s from the opposite ends of England.

The first is in Plymstock PL9, South Devon, and the other in Hollingbourne ME17, Kent, and we bunched them up together in this article as we already have around 85 examples of our previous work on the site already.

We show you, using photos and explainers, what work we did to these two homes, including knocking off old render and applying new rendering to the walls, preparation and also of course, the finished article. Read More

Repairing and replacing damaged bricks on houses

Much of the UK’s housing stock is made of bricks, a tried and tested method of building since Roman times but brick houses of a certain age can harbour many a problem.

When bricks are made, they have a face, an exposed side that repels weather, but over the years that weatherproofing loses it’s effectiveness which is when damp and cracks can appear in the exterior walls of your house. Read More