Winter sale! 30% off our weatherproof wall coatings


Winter soon arrives, so take advantage of our money saving deal today, and get your house walls painted, weatherproofed & ready for winter. 20 year guarantee

If your house exterior needs repainting yet again this year, why not try something a little bit different, a paint finish that will not only look great, it means your house will not need painting again for at least 20 years!

Our wall coating system completely weatherproofs your home, not only saving you money on costly repairs, it could also lower your winter heating bills, saving you EVEN MORE MONEY!

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School holidays: The ideal time to get your house painted!

School’s out for summer! Yes it’s that time of year again when our pride and joy mope around the house saying they are bored and parents tear their hair out wondering how to keep the kids entertained?

Well, if like me you opted for a Staycation this year, the summer is the ideal time to get some of those jobs done around the house with the good weather (so they tell us….) and long daylight hours, those jobs can be done quicker than if you attempted them in the winter.

So you can understand why are we telling you that NOW is a great time to get your house exterior painted, and a host of other jobs too! Remember, winter will soon be here! Read More

We can paint your house exterior in autumn and winter!

Did you know your home Can be painted during winter? You didn’t? Well it CAN!

Our hardy teams are still braving the weather and weatherproofing homes and businesses across the United Kingdom as we speak, but how do they do it? 

No-one (apart from polar bears and penguins) really like the weather at this time of year, and the day I am writing this, I’m feeling guilty as I am sat in a nice warm office whilst our teams are out in the cold! Read More

How long does it take to paint a house exterior?

How long is a piece of string?!

One of the most common questions we get asked over the years we have been painting houses is “how long will the job take?“. Well you may be surprised that having one of our teams paint the exterior of your home doesn’t take that long, in fact in most cases we are “in and out” in the space of only a few days.

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Can your cracked walls be repaired or is it subsidence?

If the exterior walls of your house have cracks, how can you tell if they are easily repairable or are something far more serious such as subsidence?

This is when the ground the property sits on starts to sink undermining the very stability of the house, causing major damage to the building, which to remedy, is expensive.

A recent report by a leading comparison website suggested that to repair cases of subsidence average about £10,000 so like most defects, if caught in the early stages, the final bill to repair would be lower than that. Read More

Why property prices, buying or renting, are not worth it!

Many people nowadays, worry terribly about the crisis facing housing in the UK with entrenched and seemingly endless challenges, such as overvalued properties, a population explosion and a shortage of properties on offer, both to rent, and to buy.

If you are struggling to get on to the property ladder, or if you have just given up all hope and are trying to rent somewhere, you would be well aware of how little is on offer, and how shockingly expensive it has become. Read More