How to keep your chimney in good condition

Despite your fireplace being largely forgotten about during the summer, just like my own family, you will all welcome a healthy hearth come winter time.

Today we are going to tell you a few tips how to clean and maintain your chimney, how to spot problems with it, both internally and externally, and offer a few “best practice” tips on keeping your chimney healthy and happy all year round. Read More

What we do, and what we do NOT do!

We wear many hats in this business and one of the hats we wear is of course our customer service hat!

We get literally hundreds of calls, texts and emails each month asking questions, but not all of them are relevant and we can’t help everyone and we’re not psychic like our friend Derek either!

We LOVE hearing from people 🙂 but over the past few weeks, why, I don’t know, we have some rather bizarre enquiries, some of which I cannot fathom for the life of me how or why people were motivated enough to contact us, and ask us these questions! Read More

This is how important the windows in your house are

Most people reading this article will perhaps immediately think of the word “Windows” as the operating system on their computer, but no, this article does not mention Bill Gates at all (apart from just then of course), it’s an article about those square glass things that you look through every day.

Yes, you just realised that you take these things for granted don’t you?

I guarantee that every single day, anyone reading this will have looked through a window, open or closed one, or have drawn back the drapes or curtains to reveal what is on the other side, but how well do you know them? Read More

Has Do It Yourself been replaced by You Do It For Me?

Quite apart from the undeniable fact that DIY has a better sound to it than YDIFM, recent studies have shown that DIY is on the decline, so we thought to find out exactly why.

I was brought up in the 1970’s and as far as I can recall, my father was ALWAYS doing something DIY to the house, was that the same in your household?

I would sometimes come home from school and find a window where before there wasn’t one previously. This would usually be coupled with something else like the front of the house in an entirely different colour than when I left to walk to school at 8:30 that morning. Read More

The dangers of buying tools and DIY stuff at car boot sales

We all like a bargain, right?

In these cash-strapped times what could be more satisfying than finding a cordless drill at a car boot sale for a fiver, or buying some paint for the hallway for only 2 quid a tin, off some bloke with a parrot on his shoulder, in a car park in Essex?

You’re sorted right?


Car boot sales have become very popular all across the UK over the past 25 years or so and they can be a great way to get out and about and have a good old “rummage” to find something you never knew you needed, but for tools and DIY cast-offs that bargain may turn out to be your biggest nightmare. Read More