Curing penetrating damp with an NPA wall coating

People choose to have us paint their home for a variety of reasons, and more often than not, it’s because their property needs far more than just a simple lick of paint! Does your house need more than your local painter and decorator is willing to take on? Does the property have damp issues and maybe a whole lot more?

Help is at hand!

Here’s an example of a home we worked on recently, in Bishop Auckland, County Durham, which was built of traditional local stone, but over the years had suffered badly with damp penetrating into the building. Read More

Our waterproof wall coatings are used by major house builders!

If your home is less than 15 years old it shouldn’t have damp but many newer properties do suffer from damp and mould. Our damp proof house coating system is used by major UK house builders homes specifically to treat newer homes that have succumbed to damp damage.

All newer homes have cavity walls and cavity wall insulation, so you would think that it would keep the occupants warm and dry, however in some cases problems have occurred and under the NHBC warranty, homebuilders have to address the issue, with the confidence the homeowners problems will not re-occur.. Read More

Ghosts, spirits and ghouls or the effects of mould in your home?

A new report from Clarkson University in New York, USA, has suggested that reports of ghosts, hauntings and apparitions in older houses may be more rationally explained as bad air quality and the effect of toxic mould spores, and NOT the undead chucking tea cups around the kitchen!

Whilst not wanting to have an angry clairvoyant like Derek Acorah knocking on my door tomorrow, or even Scooby doo and the gang chasing a white bedcloth with 2 eye holes, across my front garden,  we thought as we specialise in curing damp, mildew and mould in houses, maybe we can offer an alternative view? Read More

Problems and solutions for coastal and seaside homes

No-one knows more than us about the damaging effects the weather can have on your home exterior, but what about if you own a property in a coastal, moorland, sea-fronting or cliff top location?

The outside of your home has to not only look good all year round, but it also has a more important function in keeping you and your family warm, safe and dry.

Most homes have a moderate amount of weatherproofing built in, after all, the UK isn’t famed for it’s long dry spells (!), but what about if your house lies in area that “get a lot of weather” during Autumn and winter? Read More

Essential maintenance for older or listed buildings

If you own and live in an older building, generally something built before 1800, chances are it could be a wonderful place to live, but potentially a total nightmare to manage it’s upkeep.

Many older homes of a certain age, style or history are also protected under UK law and overseen by a body such as English Heritage, or CADW in Wales.

Historic Scotland looks after properties north of the border.

We look at the typical problems that may arise from owning a special home and suggest some solutions to problems and we also offer some advice for essential ongoing maintenance to keep your home intact and problem free. Read More