Never Paint Again are approved contractors for Wethertex

Whoever you choose to do your home improvements this year, people generally recommend that you “look before you leap”, and choose wisely because the wrong choice of contractor can cost you far more than that “cheap quote” you agreed to.

It’s suggested that whenever you plan work you should always get 3 quotes, )something we agree with too you may be surprised to hear), but apart from the contractor you are dealing with, what’s behind the team? Read More

Our waterproof wall coatings are used by major house builders!

If your home is less than 15 years old it shouldn’t have damp but many newer properties do suffer from damp and mould. Our damp proof house coating system is used by major UK house builders homes specifically to treat newer homes that have succumbed to damp damage.

All newer homes have cavity walls and cavity wall insulation, so you would think that it would keep the occupants warm and dry, however in some cases problems have occurred and under the NHBC warranty, homebuilders have to address the issue, with the confidence the homeowners problems will not re-occur.. Read More

Protective textured coatings on a Newcastle Upon Tyne home

When most people think about painting the outside of their home they think about PAINT.

The sort of paint we can all buy down at B and Q for a few quid. The problem is, masonry paint is only actually designed to last a couple of years before it needs overpainting. In fact most DIY masonry paints start to break down after only the first winter. Read More

Extensive wall surface preparation makes painting easier

Whether you are wondering what painters and decorators actually do all day apart from paint, or if you are considering some DIY decorating at home, this handy guide, written by an expert, but in plain English, demystifies the process of painting a house.

We look at what paints and wall coverings decorators use, plus we look behind the scenes at the trials and tribulations of painting a house from top to bottom, and why the work done in repairing the wall, can be more important than the actual painting of the building itself. Read More