A video explaining our products in greater detail

This expert video shows you exactly what ingredients go into making a textured exterior wall coating, the type we use on many of our house painting projects.

The coatings, made by Andura, go through a stringent manufacturing process and many things get added to the mix, which go into making the toughest wall coatings on the market. Read More

External coating for a house in Brierley Hill, West Midlands

Another happy customer, and another high quality exterior wall coating & rendering job by NEVER PAINT AGAIN!  See photos from one of  this job we did in January 2012, in Hawbush, Brierley Hill, West Midlands.

This lovely house in the west Midlands needed some serious repair to the exterior walls which had suffered from the harsh weather over many years and looked drab and uninviting, a total contrast to the interior which was well decorated and deceptively spacious.

As you can see from the Project images below (which expand when you click them), we had to deal with cracked and loose rendering and the bricks at the bottom were in very poor condition so although not really a big job for us, there was still quite a bit f work to get the house into a good shape. Read More

An Arts and Crafts house gets painted in Tenby, Wales

We are pleased to show you yet another lovely house which needed some TLC, refurbished externally by our teams here with NPA wall coatings.

This country home near Tenby, Pembrokeshire, was solidly built but time and the weather had taken its toll on the house.

Driving rain across adjoining fields had lashed at the walls so hard that water was coming in through the window frames, and the cracks .

Read the full case study…

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Painting a terraced pebbledash house in Barnet, London

The lady who owned this house in Barnet, North London had spent a lot of money improving her home over the years after buying it from the local council.

Unfortunately, over the years,  several alterations to the rough-cast outside walls had made the house look untidy.

The house was on a main road, and I have to say that the woman who owned the house had really done a great job with her home improvements, and a bit of DIY too, but the exterior was beyond her capabilities, and also beyond the stage where a simple coat of paint would have sufficed. Read More