Exterior decoration on a stone and tyrolean cottage

Another completed job!

This charming cottage as part of an 18th Century Mill workers terrace, was in a poor state of repair and needed damp proofing, tyrolean render repairs and a new paint scheme!

In just a few days, we transformed this tyrolean finished cottage into a property that really stands out from the crowd!

We coated the walls and the roof

The outside walls of the property were cleaned of all loose tyrolean, and a bonding primer was used to stabilise the wall. The roof also had attention with a clean and a coloured roof coating.

Our teams then masked up and protected the areas not be sprayed, such as the windows etc, and then hand applied a waterproof primer, before applying a top coat of  NEVER PAINT AGAIN waterproof Exterior Wall Coating, which is guaranteed for 20 years not to chip, fade, flake, crack or peel!

Cottage with Wall Coatings

We then weatherproof the gable end wall to the left of the photos, with a clear silicone based stone waterproofer coating which eradicates stone and brick erosion and keeps damp at bay for many years.

So this particular job had THREE different products used on it and although we had to be careful to keep its “olde worlde” charm, it is now weather protected with the latest in coating technology, but without ruining it’s appearance or heritage interest.

No more “trouble at T’mill” with this house!

Why have a home that is just “Run of the mill” (!), when you can stand out from the masses with an exterior wall refurbishment from Never Paint Again.

Of course we do not just do old homes, we end up working on modern ones too and as we work around the UK and not just in one town, we are experienced in dealing with any house problem that may be apparent, in any place.

CLICK HERE to read more about the long life exterior wall paints we used on this project………


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