Summer sale! 30% off all house painting and wall coatings

Hurry! This offer ends July 31st! If your house exterior needs repainting yet again this year, why not try something a little bit different, a paint finish that will not only look great, it means your house will not need painting again for at least 20 years!

The original and genuine NEVER PAINT AGAIN exterior wall coating system is available across the country, and includes a full wall repair programme thrown in for free! The weatherproof and super durable wall coating on your home would be guaranteed for 20 years not to fade, chip, crack or peel.

In celebration of a glorious summer, why not take advantage of our summer sale! We are offering a generous 30% off our already low prices for, house painting work, rendering and our special long life exterior wall coatings.

If you own a house, you will know only too well the amount of maintenance and yearly painting the exterior of the property needs, and if your home is pebbledashed, for example, you may be thinking of having it painted but are well aware that once it is done with normal paint, it will need repainting all the time.

Not so with the NEVER PAINT AGAIN wall coating system.

Why not start saving money on home repairs right NOW?

From grand mansions to tiny terrace houses, and everything in-between, the NPA exterior wall coating system could mean you never have to call in a painter and decorator ever again.

Having the house exterior painted each year becomes expensive over time, but with our unique wall covering system, applied by our own factory-trained teams, the exterior of your home will need no repair or any painting for up to 25 years, and that is covered by a 20 year, insurance backed guarantee.

We have a limited number of installation slots that we want to be filled by YOU, so we are offering you a great discount of 30%, and we get our summer schedule “in the bag” sooner rather than later…


An NPA wall coating is cheaper than you think, plus it just got a whole lot cheaper!

Although our system is a premium product, because we solely advertise through the internet and via word of mouth from happy customers, we don’t have to charge the earth to make the outside of your house look fabulous!

A typical application of the NPA wall coating system is far more involved than just a “lick of paint”, but in the long term, homeowners benefit from the peace of mind of having the outside of their house fully covered by our no nonsense 20 year written guarantee. As we have been doing this since 1986, we are confident in our skills and abilities, just click here to read what previous clients said. (opens in a new window)

We can transform any property, usually in less than a week

So what’s on offer? A full repair programme to the exterior walls, and then we mask up the doors and windows, we apply a special primer coating and then we spray-apply a coat of the NPA wall coating system, which is 20 times thicker than masonry paint, and is available in a texture and colour of your choice!

Our coatings stop damp, stop peeling paint, stop condensation, stop mould growing on the walls and of course, once the coating is applied, it needs no cleaning, painting or maintenance for at least 20 years

5 reasons to have your house painted this year by NPA

  1. After just ONE application of our wall coating, you will not need to have it painted again for over 20 years.
  2. Our wall coatings stop all types of damp, mould and condensation
  3. We offer a written 20 year guarantee, backed by a major insurance company
  4. We have a range of textures and colours to complement and add value to your home
  5. We are offering a limited number of customers, 30% off until July 31st

All we ask is that we can do the work during July, August or September 2017, on a start date of your choosing. This time-sensitive offer ends July 31st at midnight 2017 and is available in England, Wales and Scotland only.

Contact us now for further details, on (0800) 970 4928 or click the CONTACT button on this page. No obligation.