Raise the Titanic! Mr Ismays House: White star shipping line

This was once the home of “Thomas Henry Ismay”, although not known to many people, he is famous for founding the White Star shipping Line, who went on to build the ill fated Titanic.

In 2009 we were instructed to refurbish the exterior of a very historic house in north western England, Crosby, near Ellesmere port to be exact.

As this is a grade 2 listed building, tremendous care had to be taken is preserving its character and appearance as English heritage dictates. It is known as “beach lawn house”

More information can be found by viewing the gallery below showing the Blue plaque on the house.

The Titanic owners house

The ill fated ship “The Titanic” was built in Belfast and sailed to New York on its maiden voyage, via Southampton and France.

It famously struck an iceberg and sunk, despite being deemed unsinkable by the Bosses at the white star line, more notably the son of the owner of this very house, Mr Ismay.

Mr Ismay’s house

English heritage blue plaque of the titanic owners home

English heritage blue plaque of the titanic owners home

This imposing villa in Ellesmere port was the Ismay’s family home and is of course a protected building of historic and cultural interest.

We had the privilege of painting the exterior a few years ago with Andura fine masonry coatings.

The front of the villa in Cheshire

The front of the villa in Cheshire

You don’t have to be posh to have our coatings on your wall, although we can’t guarantee that with the recent flooding across the UK, your house wont itself sink!

This is another photo taken during the decorating work

A grade 2 listed villa

A grade 2 listed villa

The work we did.

As this was a listed building, and in a conservation area too, we had to take great care in anything we did here, plus the colours we used had to exactly match what was on there in the first place.

There was a fair bit of paint removal needed, plus some cracks, however the house, probably due to it’s status, had actually been kept in good condition, the owners really wanted some weatherproof paint on the walls as it costed a lot of money to have it painted every year.

Here is a shot that shows the elegant conservatory

Porch and conservatory of listed villa in cheshire

Porch and conservatory of listed villa in Cheshire

This is now fully protected and will not need a repaint for the next 20 years because it was coated with a long life, weather proof exterior wall coating, made by Andura, the brand leaders in exterior wall coatings and masonry paints.

Here is a shot looking up, after we had painted it

Protecting and painting the Titanic owners old house

Protecting and painting the Titanic owners old house

We also found another photo, taken by a Titanic enthusiast, of our work. We didn’t want to post a link as it reveals the address of the house which we are not allowed to post for data protection reasons, but here is someone else’s photo!

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So there we are, we painted Mr Ismay’s house! We have extensive experience in painting all kinds of homes, not just listed buildings, so if you want to find out more about our long life weatherproof paints, give us a call on 0800 970 4928


Here’s a couple more examples of previous work on grade 2 listed homes.

Here is a large mansion, very close by to Stanstead Airport

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Here’s an old stone-built home in County Durham

Finished! With a good, thick coating of NEVER PAINT AGAIN, this house will now not only look great for the next 20 years, all damp is cured. The customer called us a week later and told us how surprised he was that the damp and mould was going so quickly!