Full re-render job on a grade 2 listed house. Stanstead Essex

This lovely grade 2 listed prestigious home has been re-rendered and weatherproofed with a Never Paint Again Wall coating. The project also included painting all wood work. THERE IS A VIDEO AT THE END OF THIS ARTICLE.

Never Paint Again get involved in a variety of different types of houses; from the typical 3 bed semi, up to grand mansions and stately homes and this lovely example was completed in July 2011.

This enormous and historic house, located near Stanstead in Essex, had suffered an amount of deterioration over the years with flaky paint, hollow render, rotten wood, damp and so on.

Exterior render and refurb, a case study.

A complete exterior refurbishment was required, and one that would be durable and long lasting, whilst still being excellent value for money.

Project overview:

  • Encase with scaffolding etc.
  • Remove loose render and replace to match, including whole re-render of areas.
  • Rub down woodwork and prime, replacing rotten wood where needed.
  • Apply Weatherproof primer coat
  • Spray apply Never Paint Again masonry wall coating.
  • Hand-finish and gloss all wooden areas such as windows, soffits etc.
A mansion house with an external wall coating from never paint again
A mansion house with an external wall coating from never paint again

One of the major differences between us a local painter is the fact that we do all the needed repairs to your home, before we apply a drop of paint. This means not only do we get the best finish possible, we guarantee that, for at least 20 years, no maintenance at all is needed.

Wall coating in Stanstead

It was lovely working on this historic home near to Stanstead airport and if you want to have a look at the photos below, all of which expand when you click them, you can see the sheer scale of the work we had to do.

This home will not require any exterior maintenance OR re-painting for at least 20 years!

If you have a large, unusual or listed building, call our prestigious homes renovations team today for impartial advice and a range of exterior wall renovation packages to suit both your home, and your budget.

Here is a slideshow showing the photos we took when working on the job

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