The time we painted an arts and crafts house in Cardiff

Cardiff exterior house painting

This delightful art nouveau house in Cardiff, Wales, was externally refurbished, repaired and painted by NEVER PAINT AGAIN UK in 2012.

Great care was taken to protect the artistic windows and features of this wonderful period Welsh home whilst we were working on it and we took some photos to help show you the sort of thing we do when we fix up a house like this.

We always enjoy our work each week as no week is ever the same!

We were called by the owners of this lovely Art Nouveau (or arts and crafts) house in the Welsh capital of Cardiff, to help them with the problem of yearly repainting and flaking paint.

No matter how many times the owners called the decorators back, and bear in mind there are some very good decorating companies in Cardiff, they just could not solve the problem of the paint flaking away from the wall each year.

They also had issues with trying to keep the house looking white, as most paints start to deteriorate after the 1st winter, leaving the walls an off-white or light grey colour.

Exterior wall coatings Cardiff

We got to work doing the repairs on the house, which to be honest were not that bad. The owners had certainly kept the place in good condition. The paint flaking off was certainly an issue though.

Here’s a shot of the rear with flaking paint.

rear before and showing flaking paint

Weather eroded paint on this house in Cardiff

We carried out a full paint removal by machine and by hand and cleaned the walls of any dust or residue.

You can see what the rear looks like NOW in the following image, which, as luck would have it, brought the sun out with it too.

looking up at completed rear with wall coating

A high quality exterior wall finish can be achieved on any older home

We had to take great care with the very old and valuable original windows to the facade of the house.

Here is a view of a lovely bay window, after the walls had been weatherproofed and painted with our exterior wall coatings. Check out the “William Morris” style fanlights above each window pane.

lovely bay window in arts and crafts style

So anyway, we got to work on the house and applied a special andura textured wall coating which will last for up to 20 years and yes the owners do not need to have it repainted again! We have been working in Wales offering exterior wall coatings in Cardiff since the 90’s.

The wall coating was applied with a special spray machine which we have to be properly trained to use. Any mess is contained on site and fully removed and cleaned up at the end of each day and of course when the job was finished.

We turned this house…..

Arts and Crafts house, South Wales

with some hard work and “elbow grease”………..

….into THIS HOUSE!

Cardiff exterior house painting

Guaranteed for fifteen years not to fade, crack, chip or peel.

The paint coating on this house now will NOT fade either and will keep its nice, bright whiteness for many years to come.

The long life and high performance wall coating we used on this project, also cuts down on the wind chill factor and therefore owners saw a gradual reduction in their heating bills too!

To find out how much this system would be on your house SPEAK TO US!

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