The methods we use to apply an external wall coating

When a lot of companies promise “this, that and 6 other things” in order for you to part with your money, we at NPA realise and respect the fact that when a service is promised, and someone pays for that service, it has to be exactly as was promised when placing the order.

That’s why all of our work teams carry out their jobs to a high standard, following the menu laid down below. When an order is placed with one of our agents, everything is noted in writing, exactly as you wish.

This is what the NPA exterior wall coating teams work to……

How we apply the wall coating system

1. Team introductions after arriving in CLEAN exterior coating vehicle with all tools, equipment and materials needed to carry work out.

2. Walk around the job with the customer and explain procedure in laymans terms, and of course, to give the customer a run down as to the work we will be doing on the property.

3. Take before and after photographs of the house during work, if not already taken.

4. Double check the chosen colour and texture with the customer before start.

5. Commence trenching and clear all obstructions, minimising damage to adjacent or sensitive plants, and make sure ponds and water features are well covered, where applicable.

6. Biowash anti fungal treat the whole surface and allow to dry, rinsing off excess where necessary.

7. Power-wash the whole surface if required (weather permitting) and carefully examine for cracks, blemishes and other defects. It is often best to lightly tap the walls with a hammer or chisel to find hollow areas if they have not already been identified in the survey.

8. Make good all cracks, blemishes and unsound render areas, matching back to the intended surface.

9. Check for good mastic seals to windows. Repair or replace as necessary.

10. Apply sand and cement bonding stabiliser to surfaces where required, if directed by survey.

11. Apply NEVERPAINTAGAIN Andura slush coat primer with PLIOLITE to all surfaces to be treated.

12. Spray apply Andura NEVERPAINTAGAIN textured or smooth masonry wall coating as required, using high pressure GRACO spray machine.

13. Remove masking and hand finish for quality, paying special attention to lines around doors and windows.

14. Finish any additional work off required by client, such as fitting gutters or gloss painting etc.

15. Remove all dustsheets, equipment, empty cans and waste from the site for environmentally sound disposal.

16. Tidy up and replace any plants, furniture or bushes moved away from walls at start.

17. Make sure site is left very clean, and clarify with customer this task has been carried out to their satisfaction. Make sure all waste is disposed of correctly according to company policy.

18. Walk around job for final inspection with the customer.

19. Collect satisfaction survey from customer with cheque for balance. We DO NOT leave the site until the customer is completely happy. 🙂

When choosing a tradesman to work on your home, it’s reassuring to know that you will always get what you pay for with NPA!!

Never Paint Again offer exterior building and construction repairs, and the application of long life Andura exterior wall coatings and paints, in a variety of colours and decorative finishes. NPA offers this service in all parts of Europe.

We do not offer advice on DIY exterior painting projects

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