Oo la la! Decopierre French natural stone wall finish

Bonjour! The NPA team are always on the lookout for interesting products to review and here’s one direct from France, which is now available here in the UK.

The amazing and versatile Decopierre® exterior and interior stone effect wall coating is an innovative hard wearing stone substitute and durable, breathable wall finish that has been developed to create a natural aged limestone effect for both interior and exterior walls on all types of property.

This simulated limestone wall covering can be put on any house or commercial building,  regardless of age and condition, and can be installed internally AND externally and is completely weatherproof. (This is NOT stone cladding!)

This unique wall coating is a valuable and viable alternative to stone cladding, pebbledash and render. This is the only product we offer that can be used internally as well as externally, bringing you limitless permutations, effects and styles to stamp your own mark on your home.

Widely used across Europe, and specified by architects on some very prestigious buildings, this unique system is easily installed by our own teams to a design and specification agreed with your local NPA surveyor, who can advise you on the most suitable wall finish for your building project.

Decopierre: A new home at the same address!

This unique and hard wearing decopierre stonecoat exterior wall coating system can be adapted to suit almost any home and give it a look that you never thought possible!

The wall covering system has a distinct “French” look and that is for a reason, because the system started off in Montpelier, France and has gained worldwide acclaim for it’s versatility, durability, low maintenance and unique design.

It has been widely used on both private homes and commercial and public sector buildings. It has also been used by TV and Film production companies to quickly change the appearance of a location into the era that the filming schedules require.

Decopierre on a council building in France

Decopierre explained

Decopierre is a decorative wall covering which is made from a mixture of crushed limestone and powdered marble. During the manufacturing process, it is coloured by adding natural pigments which exactly emulate the hues of stone, meaning it looks exactly like stone, one of man’s most durable and hard wearing building materials, used since the dawn of time.

Skilled craftsmen spray apply the coating on to your walls and then hand carve the uncured surface to the desired stone effect. It is suitable for both old and new buildings and is completely weatherproof and damp resistant whilst retained it’s natural stone look.

A decopierre craftsman creating the stone effect by hand

With the right advice from us, and discussion between yourselves as to what you would like to achieve, this system can add significant value to any home by giving it a unique and classic appearance, at a fraction of the cost of real stone.

This product is a bespoke wall finish and is therefore custom made for your project with a variety of colours, textures and styles available. A modern brick effect is also possible, as is a marble look and other contemporary deigns.


A mix of coloured render and stone effect

Decopierre for external wall coatings


Just look at how this façade system can transform a property in no time at all, and there are so many different effects available.

Scottish stone effect wall coating

A Decopierre external wall coating is fully guaranteed and brings peace of mind in low maintenance, insulation, weatherproofing and of course a beautiful looking home.

Using Decopierre internally

This versatile wall finish can also be used internally and has already been installed in hotels, restaurants, swimming pools, wet rooms, tourist attractions and council buildings.

Decopierre used internally in a restaurant

The decopierre system can also be enhanced by the use of decorative features such as signs, trompe de l’oeil (creating art or optical illusions) , corners, pillars, columns, mouldings, doorways, crests, and plaques.

This Stone coating can also used to create interesting features

Decopierre® is a registered trademark, held by Decopierre Europe and is used with kind permission. All images are from decopierre.co.uk and used with permission.

Please note that we no longer offer this system, please go direct to them for any enquiries. Thank you