SALE! 30% off house painting and wall coatings

How cheap is that?!



Get massive savings on having your house painted this year, from the UK’s best known nationwide wall coating and rendering company!

Too late in the year to get the house painted? NO! Why wait until next summer when you have your home made to look spectacular with very little outlay, and a guarantee that you won’t have to have the property decorated externally for the next TWENTY YEARS!

There has never been a better time to protect your home from the weather, have us make the outside look AMAZING, and have it CARRY ON protecting your home from Mother Nature for the next 20 years with no further expense!

An NPA wall coating on YOUR house means no more painting, cracking, damp, flaking, fading or peeling, in fact we guarantee your home will become maintenance free!

Enquire now for a free quote and see how much you can save from our already very competitive prices!!!

In fact we guarantee to BEAT any like-for-like quote from any of our competitors.

In a world where anything to do with repairing or painting your home is rarely cheap, we can show you a way to have your house decorated, in less than a week, and what’s more, you won’t have to call anyone to paint it again in the following year, or in fact up to 25 years!

Get 30% off AND not have to have your home painted again until the year 2030!

Having the outside of the family home painted every year can be a real nuisance at the best of times, but we can show you a system that paints AND repairs your home, with no need to paint again for up to 25 years, and that is guaranteed!

It is very important to keep a good weatherproof coat of paint on the outside of your house and to NOT let it deteriorate, not just because of appearances, but because your house needs to repel the British weather, and with winter on it’s way, that is more important than ever before.

We are busy all year round but in July and August sees a slow down as our clients tend to go on holiday! (Lucky people!). We need to keep our installation teams on the road during the summer so if you agree to have your home painted in July or August, we will give you THIRTY PERCENT OFF!



¬†How about turning your tired and scruffy looking home from something like this…

bridlington house before wall coatings


Into something a bit like this…..


bridlington house after wall coatings


And do you know what?

This homeowner will NOT need to have their home painted for at LEAST the next 20 years! More examples of maintenance free homes can be found on our GALLERY PAGE.

So what is on offer?

  • The offer is a full inspection and repair of the outside of your house.
  • The professional repair of any defects or issues with the building.
  • The permanent removal and curing of damp, mould or moisture.
  • An application of the 2 or 3 stage exterior wall coating process in any colour and texture you want. (Includes clear coatings)
  • Full clean up and makeover of the exterior.
  • The issuing of a 20 year warranty, with another 3rd party insurance backed 10 year warranty for total peace of mind!

Not only that we will also BEAT ANY LIKE-FOR-LIKE QUOTE from any competing exterior wall coating company, as long as you can provide proof of the quote you may have been given.

Still don’t believe it’s a genuine offer? OK watch this video then!

Call us now, or click the banner to email the team and make sure you mention “Summer sale 2016” to benefit from the discount programme.

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NOTE: This offer is at the discretion of the management and ends midnight August 30th 2016 and cannot be used with any other offer or deal.

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