Meet our biggest fan! Adam from Torquay tells it like it is

Do you want to meet our biggest fan?

We got to know Adam Russell, a young talented lad from down in Torquay when we worked on a video project for us.

We have had such a good reaction to his work, we thought we would do a page dedicated to him (but not in a creepy way!) and it gives us a chance to showcase some of his work, whilst telling you also about what we do, without having to wade through hundreds of pages to find the info you need.

Adam did his first video for us just as a fun project, in April 2012.

The videos were so well received on youtibe, vimeo and other video-sharing sites, not to mention all the re-tweets we got on twitter,  we decided to ask him to do a few more over the course of the next year or so.

Why the funny videos?!

Well the internet is pretty much chock full of adverts and people trying to sell you stuff. All of our competitors were producing long, and long-winded, really dull and boring videos, mainly instructional, and of very little use or entertainment value.

Would YOU want to sit through a ten minute video of someone painting the outside of a house?

No, neither would I, and I work for the company!

So here is the first video Adam did for us, which we codenamed, “the rant!”

This got 2,720 views and 37 likes.


After the success of this one, we asked him to do another video for us, to which we entitles it “Rant part two” and sees our protagonist berating the viewer for not listening the first time around!


Part two of the famous rant!


Once again, a hugely popular video and it presents our house painting system in a fun way, contrary to the dull and lifeless bald bloke in a suit¬† “Hello, would you like to never have to paint your house again?” type videos which, yes, we have done a few and to be honest no one really watches them!


So what did Adam do next?



Adam reprised his Mr Britain role, probably created over several beers in Torquay (!), and did us a video along the lines of Keep calm and carry on.

We don’t only do house painting

No sir!

Whilst the bulk of our work centres around painting the exteriors of buildings, we also do Exterior wall insulation, especially made for older homes.

Here is what Adam had to say about how cold houses make you feel and what you can do about it.


Promoting our free android app

Whilst I myself have been doing the same thing for the past 10 years, we thought we would get bang up to date and get an android app so people could visit us on their mobile phones.

Here is our young star telling you a bit about our app, including a brief demo of it, and tells you why you should go and get the app here.


More enthusiastic words about NEVER PAINT AGAIN

The last in the series sees Adam explaining, in an ever-so-slightly sober way (!) all about what we do and why, if you STILL hadn’t got the message!

Here’s Adam.



I hope that you all enjoyed the videos today, please share them with your friends and co workers as they might find them funny too!

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Thanks again.