Don’t move, Improve! Why staying put can be the best option

Yes, that’s right; In this article we show you how you can save a lot of money, time and hassle by NOT moving house, staying put and improving what you’ve got.

When was the last time you moved house?

Can you remember? Hassle and expense wasn’t it?

Coupled with probably a huge amount of stress? Yep, I’ve been there too!

Some people do this every few years!

Wouldn’t it be better to stay where you live already, instead of moving house?

The pro’s and con’s of moving house.

Many people have their own reasons for moving to another house or apartment and those typically include the SIZE of the family unit, becoming smaller as kids grow up and leave the nest, or with a new baby perhaps, becoming larger!

These are important factors on deciding to move to a larger or smaller place as after all no-one wants to be living in cramped conditions, and also if it is just yourself or you and your partner, living in a 6 bedroom house sort of loses its appeal, especially trying to heat the place and also to keep the house clean!!

The property market in the UK in recent years has certainly had its hare of ups and downs, more so since the dreaded crisis of 2008, but a report just in by the Halifax building society (8th Sep 2010) , suggests that house prices have “stabilised” and some economists are predicting that the market value of some homes could certainly stagnate, if at worst, they could go down in value.


After all, the house price bubble of the last decade has been heralded by many as a false economy, so any correction to the value of houses Vs. what some one could actually afford to pay, would be a good thing.

That’s good yes?

No, only if you’re selling.

Property Prices being stable also in normal persons language (!) means they aren’t rising so fast so you’re less likely to profit financially from your new house, at least not in the short term.

Whatever your reason for wanting, or thinking you want to move, let’s remind ourselves about what it entails and the costs to you by moving.

  • Estate Agents fees and commissions: (often between 1% and 2.5% of value of your home.
  • Solicitors fees: Again, often a percentage of the house value.
  • Mortgage charges: Such as redemption fees, refinance fees and so on.
  • Removals and shipping costs. If you have a lot of stuff, this can add up to quite a fee!
  • Mortgage indemnity guarantee charges.
  • bank charges and fees.
  • Survey fees and legal fees.
  • Building and contents insurance
  • misc costs such as buying packing boxes, paying royal mail to redirect your post and so on.

As you can imagine, these costs spiral upwards when you move, and we haven’t even discussed the HASSLE of moving house such as saying bye to neighbours and friends, especially if relocating, and then of course making new ones, although again, some people enjoy this aspect

Also consider the fact of changing your children’s school (which can also disrupt their education), redirecting mail, closing down utility accounts, the physical effort involved in packing, heaving boxes around and then unpacking again……

Oh I could go on!

One tip though, it is possible nowadays to sell your home yourself, via the power of the internet! Many more home-owners are skipping the Estate agents and the high fees by simply doing it online with websites such as “HOUSE WEB”, details of which should appear below if you’re interested.

So, what about staying where you are and having improvements instead?.

The pro’s and con’s of staying put and improving your home.

So if the above has put you off moving, what about the option to stay and do some home improvement work to the house you are in now?

Moving house and the hassle it brings can be a considerable amount of stress so if you have a weak heart or are susceptible to suffering from stress, it may be a better idea to stay put!

Moving house could costs you in the tens of thousands, so why not spend FAR LESS than that on improving where you live instead?

Here are some suggestions, coupled with some links to get further information on each bit.

Not sleeping well? Why not invest in a new bed? A good nights sleep can suddenly make the bedroom a very inviting place rather just “that room down the end we sleep in”.

….but if the decision to stay needs far more persuasion than buying a new bed, what about new flooring for inside, that would make a big difference?

Decent carpet or floorings can make a real difference to a place, especially as we spoke earlier about selling apartments, a wooden floor in a flat to replace an old threadbare carpet can make the entire room look and feel like a different place altogether!

All for a few quid. In addition, underfloor heating can make a huge difference to a house, especially if the place was relatively cold beforehand, plus the added bonus of not having to have the central heating on so often as the floor will be nice and snug!

(Under floor heating systems are a great favourite with home owners who have cats or dogs as they love to lie on the floor and go to sleep!)

……..the animals that is, not the humans.

…..or if it is something more than this, maybe even the way the house looks from outside, then why not get some home improvement work do the outside instead?

There are lots of different home improvements that you can do to the outside of your house.

Having the walls of your house painted and fixed up would be a good start, and also maybe getting in new double glazing?

You would need to speak to NEVER PAINT AGAIN, one of the UK’s best known home improvement brands.

They offer a full exterior home repair service that is second to none and they also apply their special brand of exterior wallcoatings, which are a bit like a long life paint, which doesn’t chip, fade, crack or peel, the wall coating STOPS DAMP and there is also a 15 year warranty too!

In addition, there are loads more great home improvement ideas you can try, to suit various budgets, which would convince you that staying put and improving what you’ve got, is, in most cases, a wise move: You save a lot of money, you get to change things around (And a change is as good as a break, so the saying goes), and you get to see your home in a whole new perspective!

………and maybe you might decide to make friends with the neighbours after all these years!

Guy Alexander Bell.

September 10th 2010

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