How to keep warm during the cold British winter

Felling a bit cold are we?

Some people find the winter particularly harsh and we don’t like it either, so here are a few handy tips to keep warm this winter.

We all need to keep warm and maintain an ideal and comfortable temperature in our homes, especially when its chucking it down with rain or snowing outside! 

We’ve put together a few tips to help you out! Seen this before?

Yes, this article WAS on our blog, before June 2010 when we had a disastrous site upgrade and much of the content was lost. Thankfully we are now finding it again (!) so sit back and enjoy, and remember to keep warm!

How to keep warm


There are several cheap and easy things that the average person can do in the home to make the winter more bearable, to lessen any large domestic heating bills and to maintain good health and well being whilst the cold weather is with us.

  • Wear extra clothes! (including at bed time)
  • Take hot water bottles to bed.
  • Use an electric blanket in the bed.

Make sure all draughts coming into the house are identified: Doors can be draught proofed with a strip of self adhesive foam, available from hardware and DIY stores

Make sure all windows are closed properly and if you have shutters or blinds, make sure they are CLOSED.

Short bouts of exercise at home can also increase blood circulation and make you feel warmer. In times of extreme cold, this advice should be acted upon without fail.

Close off any areas of the house, for example a spare bedroom or a basement, that are not essential to be used at this time of year, which means that the available heat will heat up a smaller area and will be more effective (and cheaper).

Put up thick, lined curtains over doors and windows, if possible, and block gaps under doors with anything to hand, a towel, an old blanket etc.

Make sure you eat well and have hot drinks, especially relevant to small children and the elderly.

I hope the above is of some help to someone out there………………….


In the long term, you need to not only ensure the steps above have been adhered to and any work you did, such as weatherproofing or insulation is still effective, but there are more steps you can take to ensure your home is as warm as possible.

Adhere to steps above, and………….

Purchase more effective and efficient heating if possible.

Make sure your loft is well insulated (There are grants available to the elderly and those on a low income to help pay for this)

Consider having someone fit some exterior wall insulation, especially if your walls indoors feel very cold to touch.

Replace single glazed windows with new UPVC double glazed window units, available from us here at NPA.

Have interior wall insulation foil or foam backed plasterboard installed on non cavity “solid” walls.

Consider having underfloor heating installed.

Consider having the interior dry lined, creating a rudimentary cavity and barrier against the cold from outside.

If living in an exposed area,  plant bushes or trees around the most exposed parts of the land or garden, to cushion the effects of cold, biting winds.

Make sure all damp exterior house walls are treated with an weatherproof exterior wall coating, available from several specialist contractors. Exterior wall coatings not only look great, they stop damp and the detrimental effects of being in a damp house.

For older homes, a non intrusive wall coating is often best, and especially on listed buildings. It is possible to warm up your home just by paying some attention to the exterior walls.

So what are you going to do about it?

Even making the effort in doing at least ONE of the points above, will keep you a bit warmer, so if you are cold in your house, don’t moan, get a loan, and talk to us about having our workmen around your house to fix it up a little.

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