Having your property painted just got a whole lot easier!


IF you tire of paying a decorator to paint the outside of your house each year, we offer an Wall Coating system that does not fade, crack, peel or chip, stops damp AND it lasts for up to 20 years!

The special wall coating is applied to the walls of any house by special spraying machine, and is preceded by careful repair, damp proofing or rendering of the house to cure any existing problems.Exterior Wall Coatings

One surprise from us, your British house painting company is the fact that we are offering something that most people wouldn’t think of in the winter; a house painting service!

Whereas the usual painter and decorator will work quite happily during the spring, summer and early autumn, they then stop work due to the winter and the risk of their paint freezing in the can!

Many British wall coating specialists have a special house painting system that does not freeze so they can work 12 months of the year, applying their special wall coating to houses up and down the UK.

This painting service utilises the latest in wall coating technology to combine tried and trusted decorating methods but without using masonry paint.

Winter House painting is possible

Our company uses a special resin based exterior wall coating which, according to the manufacturers, will not freeze during winter application, meaning that a house can be painted externally all year round.

A company spokesman from the UK’s leading supplier of paints and coatings said

“We realised that many people wait until the summer to call someone around to paint their house, however this is normally the time when decorators charge their customers a lot of money, to offset the times during the winter when they cannot work. Because we can use our special wall coatings 12 months of the year, no premium is added and therefore the painting system represents excellent value for money.”

When Rendering is also needed

Careful repairs to rendering or pebble-dash are necessary for a successful painting job on any house and wall coatings companies always do a fair amount of repairs to rendering before the coating can be applied.

In fact often an entire house is rendered before applying the spray -on coating that has made them so well known over the years.

wall coatings contain Damp Proofing elements too!

Yet another benefit to an exterior wall coating is the fact that most resin based coating actually stop damp coming into the house and creating mouldy walls, because unlike paints which is water based, the special coating are based on water repelling resins which allow the house to breathe naturally but do not allow water or damp inside.

The amazing exterior wall coating system is a must for any home owner wishing to save time and money over a long period.