A Derby house gets painted pink by our team!

We like to think that we can work with our clients to produce exactly the sort of finish on their home that they want.

In this case…….er….. they wanted their house to be painted pink!

So we did it. And this is how we did it.

This 3 story end of terrace house in Derbyshire had a very tired exterior wall surface having suffered from the effects of the weather in an exposed location.

The flaky paint, patches of mould and hollow and blown render made it look very worn and the house required protective wall coatings.

Time to get this home repaired and painted

Whether your home is modern or older, sooner or later you are going to have dip into your pocket to pay for repairs and decoration, but we can show you a way that you can have it repaired and painted ONCE during a 20 year period!

The NPA wall coating system is highly flexible and has elastic properties and therefore moves with the building, breathes and does not crack!

These types of coatings are also sometimes known as “textured coatings” or “plastic wall coatings” although they are not made of plastic at all but a blend of minerals , dyes, resins and pigments ensuring a hard wearing paint surface that does not need to be painted again.

A house with one of these exterior wall coatings will retain the same paint finish for up to 20 years. It is guaranteed NOT to fade, crack, split, chip or peel and the service includes a complete repair of the building, including cracks and rendering! You can call us for more information on 0800 970 4928

We had to do extensive re-rendering on the house, including patch repairs that are so skilfully done, once the coating goes on, you cannot see where the bad bits were!

This shows the rendering in progress

The house showing repaired rendering

The house showing repaired rendering

Protective Elastic wall coating

Once the building had been repaired, the installation team spray applied a NEVER PAINT AGAIN Wall coating in Moroccan pink which has made a huge difference to the look and character of this lovely property.

We had to take a fair bit of time on the repairs on this one, because it is smooth render, we have to very carefully carry out the patch rendering, so as the 2 sections of render, old and new, will match up when painted over.

Our teams are of course qualified plasterers in their own right, and something like this job presents very little in the way of challenges to overcome.

Now the wall coating job is complete!

This is the house after we applied the wall covering

This is the house after we applied the wall covering

Once the repairs are done, we then mask over the doors and windows to ensure they don’t come into contact with nay paint, and then we hand apply a primer, wait until it dries, and then spray apply a protective exterior wall covering to the house.

The installation was carried out by an accredited dealer. If you would like a FREE appraisal of the condition of YOUR home exterior, get in touch with us today for a chat!