Exterior Render Wall Coatings will fix up your house!

A render wall coating on your external walls is essential if you wish to keep the wall, and what’s behind it, in good condition. lack of maintenance to a render coating can lead to the ingress of damp, cracks and poor appearance.

Render is an inflexible surface to have covering your exterior walls and therefore the coating needs to be protected from the elements such as cold weather, rain and hot sun.

It is essential that render has a coating applied to it to protect it.

Whatever type of external wall surface your house currently has, there always comes a time when work needs to be carried out by tradespeople, to keep the walls in good condition.

It’s not just caring for the appearance, it is the integrity of the wall which is at stake too. A lack of maintenance can see more expensive problems occurring.

Paint is only a rudimentary render coating

Paint on a rendered wall is better than nothing and will, for a short term, afford some protection and decoration but paint will only last a couple of years before it start to break down, flake, crack and peel.

Damp proof render wall coatings from Never Paint Again are the easiest way to have your home damp free and dry, warm and welcoming, with the added bonus of making the external appearance look its absolute best no matter how old and in what condition we find it in!

Exterior wall Coatings Infographic

Exterior wall coatings Infographic
Exterior wall coatings Infographic

The outside wall coating paint system we use repels damp and moisture naturally as the paint is resin based, not water based, and therefore they have special ingredients which disperse water from outside, not letting it into the house, but crucially they allow the walls to breathe, and the house to move.

We offer you, our valued clients, a range of economically priced premium render wall coatings, suitable for most budgets, and applied by expert render coating teams.

Render coatings can be applied to other wall surfaces as well, such as brick, pebbledash, stucco, spar dash and so on. If you would like more info about a render exterior wall coating to protect and weatherproof your exterior house walls, please contact us today, we are open 7 days a week.

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