A Student house in Plymouth decorated by our team

We started out installing wall coatings way back in Plymouth in the 80’s, so here is an example of a job we did a few years back at the start of the noughties!

We supply and install exterior wall coatings across England and Wales nowadays but this example is a terraced house in the South West city of Plymouth, clearly in need of some remedial work and a facelift.

We like to take photos on some jobs, to show people exactly what it is that we do. This particular house located in the densely populated student ghetto of Mutley,  was previously coated with a trowel applied exterior render wall coating system about 15 years ago.

As you can see by the before picture below, it had picked up a lot of dirt as it was next to the main Plymouth to Exeter railway line, and the trowel applied  render exterior wall coating system that had been applied to house previously, which had an awful “tree bark” like appearance, had become brittle and had cracked.

Plymouth exterior wall coatings company to the rescue!

Several chunks of this coarse textured render coating had actually fallen off! The metal railings outside were rusty and made the house look scruffy.

The windows and doors were also given a new lick of paint during this project too!

In several places, the old trowel applied wall coating  had actually fallen off and there was evidence of damp, mildew and mould in many areas.

Not a good quality job 1st time around, although we never found out who originally did it! Anyway….

It only took four days!

In only 4 days, this property has been transformed from a run down inner city terrace house to a smart clean looking home with the NPA exterior wall system.

This is what the property looked like on day one

A house in Mutley plymouth
A house in Mutley plymouth

We used various render repair techniques on this job including patch repairs and feathering, so now the textured coating is on the wall, the areas of repaired render are not visible.

Here is what it looked like after painting

Mutley Terraced house with new exterior paint work
Mutley Terraced house with new exterior paint work

Wall coatings contractors in Plymouth since 1986

As the customer had a limited to time to see us and had to get back to work, like most people, we got on the case VERY quickly and very efficiently

We had measured the walls, identified the problems, provided a pleasing and inexpensive solution, AND completed all the paperwork for the exterior wall coating job, wrapped up in 30 minutes!

The job was installed 3 weeks later. FACT! The coating on this house is now guaranteed for 20 years not to fade, chip, crack or peel.

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“I live in Plymouth and need some work doing on my house. Who can I call in the city?”

Your local agent (Guy) lives in Plymouth, so if you need your house painting anywhere in Plymouth, Saltash, Tavistock, Roborough, Widewell, Woolwell, Southway Yealmpton, Ivybridge, Yelverton, Torpoint and basically anywhere that is near to the city, give him a ring now on 0800 970 4928.

He covers the whole of Devon and Cornwall and can give you a free consultation if you give him a ring. (Monday to Saturday). If Guy is not available, leave a message with one of the call centre team and he will call you back usually the same day.

Thank you!

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