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Exterior painting of villas, chalets and houses in Spain

Why bother painting your house in Spain EVERY year? Por Que?
Why “make do” with bad tradesmen ruining your Spanish home? No me gusta!
Why pay top prices for low quality home improvements in Spain? No lo Sé!

2015 sees a return to Spain for us after a short break, and we have teamed up with our friends Andura Abroad, on the Costa Blanca, to bring you our famous long-life weatherproof house painting system for your home in Spain and it’s available right NOW, all year round.. Read More

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Ten top tips for moving abroad and a new life in Spain

If you are looking out of the window and it’s chucking it down, and everyone in the street is rushing by scowling, maybe you need a break, or even a complete change of scene?

Would you like to look out of a different window, onto a street of shiny happy people, with the sun smiling down on them? Well why not just think “sod it all” and move to Spain instead?

You don’t have to like paella, sangria or flamenco because if you look for the “real” Spain, you wont find any of that at all, in fact all that is just for tourists. Read More

Sealing the deal and buying a wall coating

How to save money when buying a house in Spain

If you are sick of the British weather, high prices and unhappy people, then why not consider a move to sunny Spain?

The recession has uncovered some unbelievable bargain properties across the country so we are going to show you how to bag a bargain, and where to find these elusive properties.

We will look at country homes with land for under a hundred grand, and apartments in one of the most exciting and up and coming cities in Spain, Valencia! Read More

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House Painting Experiences: Spain Vs UK compared

Painting the exteriors of houses in Spain is what we do best!

We have been wielding our spray gun and applying our special wall coatings to homes and businesses since the mid 1980’s, but did you know we also work in Spain?

The owner of this site and the founders of NEVER PAINT AGAIN UK holidayed in Spain for many years before they invested in a holiday home near the city of Valencia. Read More

House in Spain after Andura exterior masonry coatings

Spain introduced an MOT for houses, so why not in the UK?

July 1st 2012 saw the introduction, in Spain of the ITE (Inspeccíon Técnica de Edificios) which is the technical inspection of buildings (in English.)

It’s an MOT for houses of a certain age. Should such a scheme be introduced here in the UK?

It is legislation that has been introduced in a bid to clean up the rather bad image of houses in Spain, from both a quality point of view, and as a protection to the home-owner. Read More

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The main thing stopping you selling your Spanish property

If you own a house in Spain and are becoming frustrated at the inability to sell the property, are you doing enough and are there curable factors which you can take action and get the house sold?

Graham hunt explains to NEVER PAINT AGAIN, what steps you could and should take, to sell your house in Spain.

OK there is the obvious, element which can go against any efforts to sell a Spanish property….. the asking price. Read More